Employee Mental Health Survey Questions For a Disconnected Workplace

Employee mental health survey questions

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Employee Mental Health Survey Questions For a Disconnected Workplace

Employee mental health survey questions, nay, employee well being in general, has never been more important. We’ve learned so much about the role that social interaction plays in overall mental health in recent times. And we’re smack dab in the middle of a crisis that has accelerated a gradual societal  disconnection between people and their social support systems.  This manifests itself at home AND in the workplace. And when the home becomes the workplace, employee well being is a big workplace issue. By the same token, when employees return to a changed workplace, what is the effect of this change on employee well being?

Reconnecting Employees

Employee mental health survey questionsAs employees return to work, either remotely or within a new kind of workplace tuned for safety and a separation, we need to acknowledge that all employees will need to adjust to a new normal. We also need to also acknowledge that reopening and recovering from the Covid-19 Pandemic economic hit, is largely a talent management issue. In other words, understanding how this new environment affects your talent will be crucial to how quickly and effectively organizations resume operations and begin to thrive again. So don’t sleep on mental health. It’s an important part of an overall employee experience feedback program designed to surface issues and adapt to changes in process and environment during unsettled times. This feedback program should monitor:
  • Employee reactions to changes in work environment
  • Employee reactions to changes in tools to support a new environment
  • Employee reactions to changes in processes 
  • Employee reactions to old processes that may or may not need to be changed
  • Overall mental mental health / stress levels
  • Open ended listening (suggestions, concerns, etc)

Those Employee Mental Well Being Survey Questions

In support of Survale’s Talent Feedback Platform clients, we’ve recommended questions across all of the above categories. For now, here are several employee mental health survey questions that you can tailor to understand how all these workplace changes and virus fears affect your most important asset to recovery: Employees. Here they are:
  • On a five or ten point scale, how would you rate your overall well-being levels when you’re at work? 
  • On a five or ten point scale how would you describe your work-life balance? 
  • On a five or ten point scale, how would you rate your stress levels at work?
  • Do you believe [company] currently aids in stress management?
  • Would you be interested in having access to more mental health resources at [company]? (such as mindfulness classes, meditation, stress reduction workshops, etc.)  
  • Do you feel like you can talk to someone or ask for help with mental or physical health issues at work? 
  • How would you describe your interpersonal relationships with co-workers? 
  • How many hours outside the office do you devote to work projects? 
  • How could [company] help improve your work-life balance?
  • On a five or ten point scale, how would you rate your physical health?
  • How could [company] help you improve your physical health?

Important: Always provide open ended questions. This allows you to monitor high level metrics for trends as well as mine related comments for specifics that can provide a roadmap for action.

Survale’s talent feedback platform provides the ability to not only gather feedback at a high level to diagnose potential employee well being problems, but also maps those issues back to employee comments to understand the specifics of those issues. It also uses free text comment sentiment analysis to understand the context of those comments.

Pulse Survey Often, Monitor in Real Time

Finally, as our clients know, the key is to check in often and monitor your talent population in real time. A must have tool for navigating all the talent changes facing organizations during this crisis and through the recovery is an integrated real-time platform for pulsing your employees. A feedback platform that can integrate into your core systems and be triggered by employee transactions, as well as be set up for sequenced pulse surveys and real-time analytics of employee experience.  This allows companies to move quickly with workplace changes and gauge response and adjust quickly. Who doesn’t need to act quickly and adjust based on data these days?

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