Upcoming Webinars: Survale and Clients Show How Talent Feedback Can Guide Recruiting and HR During Turbulent Times

Talent feedback webinars

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Survale has kept busy during the nationwide health restrictions by counseling clients as to how they can use their talent feedback platform to get answers to the monumental questions that face businesses today. They’ve also been busy putting together a series of webinars to provide guidance to other organizations as they navigate the uncertainty of hiring freezes, accelerated hiring, remote workforces, new safety requirements and the associated virtualization and workplace changes required to safely resume/continue operations. Below find three upcoming presentations not to be missed.

How Candidate Feedback Can Inform Talent Acquisition Strategy in Uncertain Times

Survale co-founder and CMO, Ian Alexander presented “How Candidate Feedback Can Inform Talent Acquisition Strategy in Uncertain Times” Thursday, May 28th at 1:11 PM EASTERN TIME as part of the Talent Board’s virtual conference “How Technology Empowers Recruiting and Candidate Experience.”  All registrants received a recorded session and here it is! The webinar focused on:

  • What questions recruiting organizations should be asking
  • How candidate feedback can provide answers
  • How candidate experience can affect your employer brand now more than ever
  • How to leverage candidate, recruiter and hiring manager feedback to gain insight into. And optimize, increasingly remote, distributed recruiting processes
  • How to use employee experience feedback to increase retention and inform your hiring strategies

Click here for a recorded version of the webinar

Candidate and Employee Experience Considerations for Today

Talent feedback webinarsOn Monday June 1 at 11 AM EASTERN TIME, Survale co-founder and CEO, Jason Moreau, joined Kevin Grossman, President of the Talent Board, and NATO HR Project Manager and experienced Survale client, Antonio Arias Lopez for the webinar entitled “Candidate and Employee Experience Considerations for Today.” The webinar covered:

  • The COVID-19 global impact and the opportunity to stand out
  • Employer and consumer brand touch-points
  • What are companies doing now: how they communicate, what do they communicate, teleworking, community, etc.
  • Candidate and employee experience impact on your employer and consumer brand
  • The business benefits of candidate and employee experience feedback today and more!

Click here for a recorded version of the webinar

Using Candidate & Employee Feedback to Optimize & Evolve Virtual Hiring

Finally Jason Moreau presented “Using Candidate & Employee Feedback to Optimize & Evolve Virtual Hiring” as part of the (Virtual) “Recruitment Automation Conference” on Thursday June 4 at 1:15 Pacific Time. Moreau was be joined by Survale clients Tony Suzda, Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition & Talent Strategy at Dent Wizard International and Jenna Van Winkle, Candidate Experience Specialist at Workiva. The trio discussed the new role real-time talent feedback is playing as they adapt to post pandemic workplaces and processes.

For more information about how Survale’s Real Time Talent Feedback Platform can integrate candidate and employee feedback into your talent facing programs and processes, click here.

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