Optimize Onboarding Experience and Improve Quality of Hire

Survale named Top HR Product by Human Resource Executive Magazine!Optimize onboarding experience and gather quality of hire metrics automatically. Survale gathers onboarding feedback to increase retention and maximize new hire performance in the crucial first year.

One Platform to Optimize Onboarding Experience & Track Quality of Hire Metrics

Onboarding experience and quality of hire metrics

Survale integrates with your core systems to gather feedback from new hires and hiring managers to give you a clear view of what goes well and what doesn’t during onboarding. Survale even extends through the first year of employment. It’s an easy way to increase retention, optimize onboarding,  and monitor quality of hire.

How It Works

Integrate and Engage New Hires
Survale integrates with your ATS, HRMS or Onboarding System. Status changes trigger sequenced feedback requests from new hires, managers and recruiters to understand what's going well and what needs to be fixed within your onboarding processes
Integrate With Core Systems to Automatically Gather Feedback
Get the Full Picture
Survale gathers feedback throughout the first year of employment, ensuring not only that onboarding tasks go smoothly, but also understanding the new hire's journey as they assimilate into the organization during this crucial time
Gather Feedback at Important Intervals Throughout the First Year
Track Fit and Performance
Survale analyzes feedback from new hires, managers and recruiters to provide quality of hire metrics as well as alert you to roadblocks that might be contributing to first year turnover.
Automatically Gather Strategic Quality of Hire Data
Optimize Diversity Onboarding Experience
Leverage EEO data in your core system to understand how your onboarding processes are experienced by diverse populations. Survale's diagnostic and tracking capabilities can help employers operationalize their onboarding processes to support inclusivity.
Segment Onboarding Experience by EEO Data
Diagnose, Optimize and Monitor
Survale maps feedback to specific processes and operational data contained in your core systems, like location, job type, manager, etc. This unlocks unprecedented insights into process, sentiment and performance. Use Survale's KPI dashboards to monitor the effectiveness of your onboarding efforts and provide valuable quality of hire data that can be used to discover correlations accross all your talent analytics
Monitor Prescriptive Analytics and Operationalize Onboarding Performance
Put positive onboarding experience to work!

Put Positive Onboarding Experience to Work!

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Hundreds of Companies Use Survale to Analyze Millions of Surveys Annually

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