ATS integration

Optimize Each Hiring Stage

Survale seamlessly integrates with your ATS to engage candidates with candidate experience surveys automatically as recruiters move them through the recruiting lifecycle, providing key insights into recruiting effectiveness.

Get full circle candidate experience feedback

Get Full Circle Feedback

As candidates get phone screened and interviewed, Survale gathers feedback from candidates, hiring managers and recruiters. You'll know immediately if a hiring manager misses an interview or if you need to move quickly on an all-star candidate.

Turn around declined offers

Turn Candidates Around

Survale candidate experience surveys can gather feedback on declined offers and help you turn lost candidates into employees, or strengthen your offers for future applicants.

Convert more candidates

Get Always On Feedback

Survale embeds in your career site with a few lines of code and helps you understand how effective you are at converting visitors to applicants. Find weak areas that can dramatically improve your conversion rates.

Boost Employee Experience

Understand Your Employer Brand

What do candidates think of your brand? Which jobs appeal to which candidates? Survale's career site feedback lets you fine tune your brand to appeal to the right candidates.

Show You Care!

Engaging candidates up front by asking for feedback shows them you care and sets you above other employers. And Survale continues this engagement through the entire recruiting lifecycle.

A Powerful Platform to Optimize Recruiting

Survale's real-time feedback identifies deficiencies, provides data for hiring manager training, and alerts you to candidate issues before you lose talent

Always on candidate satisfaction surveys

Gather Real-Time Feedback From Your Career Site

With just a few lines of code, Survale embeds in your career site gathering invaluable data about the effectiveness of your jobs, your brand and your ability to convert visitors to applicants

Find career site trouble spots

Measure Employer Brand Affinity

Determine job ad effectiveness

Show candidates you CARE

Understand job application issues

Source candidates from feedback responders

Tie Feedback to Hiring Stage

When integrated with your ATS, Survale manages automated feedback campaigns to candidates, hiring managers, recruiters and other key hiring stakeholders. As you move candidates through your ATS, Survale gathers feedback about:

Phone Screens


Cultural Fit

Accepted Offers

Rejected Offers

Onboarding and More

Candidate satisfaction survey interview
Deliver surveys via text

Engage via Text, Email, Slack or Web

Survale automatically engages people where they are, delivering surveys via email, text, embedded in web page or through corporate communication systems like Slack. This ensures the highest response rates for your feedback.




Embedded in web page or cloud app

Analyze and Act on Hiring Data in Real-Time

Survale's analytics dashboard shows you what's working and what's not with your hiring. Identify issues and affect hiring outcomes in real-time, not weeks or months after the fact.

Searchable comment feeds yield invaluable insights

Track customizable satisfaction indexes

Custom dashboards provide just the right data

Get candidate satisfaction scores

Understand job application problems

Compare results from multiple metrics with custom widgets

Candidate satisfaction analytics
Hiring manager satisfaction

Measure New Hire and Hiring Manager Satisfaction

Once a candidate is hired, Survale gathers feedback from candidates and hiring managers, allowing organizations to measure new hire and hiring manager performance and satisfaction

Track hiring manager satisfaction over time

Extend candidate satisfaction through first year

Gather hiring manager feedback from candidate to employee

Identify new hire performance issues early

SurvaleRewardsTM Provides Incentives For Feedback

Perfect for consumer-facing organizations, SurvaleRewards lets you add promotional codes from your eCommerce platform to provide candidates discount products or services to reward them for applying and providing feedback.

Reward candidates with discounts or free products or services

Turn recruiting into a revenue center

Boost employer brand affinity

Increase response rates and candidate satisfaction

Reward candidates and employees for providing feedback
Candidate satisfaction new hire campaign

Delight Candidates and Optimize Recruiting in Real-Time

Survale is the only purpose-built, real-time candidate feedback platform. As simple as a generic survey solution, but powerful enough to automate the gathering of feedback from candidates, hiring managers, recruiters and more. Survale even leverages your satisfied candidates to help boost your employer review site ratings with SurvalePromote. Just set up Survale and watch it provide real-time, year round insights to optimize candidate satisfaction and dramatically improve your hiring results.

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