Manage Data Driven Recruiting Experiences Across All Your People, Processes and Technologies

Survale named Top HR Product by Human Resource Executive Magazine!Optimize and align people, processes and technologies using real time candidate experience surveys and aligning hiring managers and recruiters around consistently delivering exceptional recruiting experiences

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Diagnose Problems and Manage Recruiting Processes

From sourcing to applications to assessments to interviews, offers and more, talent acquisition departments face unique challenges in manging and optimizing hiring processes and sub processes. Survale tracks your processes in real time and shows you what’s working and what’s not.

Understand How Recruiting Technologies Impact Recruiting Experiences

Recruiting leaders and CFOs constantly ask “are my recruiting technologies positively impacting our hiring outcomes?” Survale uniquely monitors all your technologies in real time to let you know what’s working and what’s not for candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and talent acquisition leaders. Survale monitors and prioritizes issues with:

Optimize recruiting technologies
Candidate experience surveys benefits

Align, Incent and Manage the Performance of Your People

Survale gathers real time feedback about the performance of the people tasked with delivering great candidate experiences. Survale data aligns recruiters and hiring managers around common metrics and prioritize issues that can affect candidate satisfaction and hiring success.

How Automatic Candidate Experience Surveys Work

Understand Talent Pools

Embed Survale in your career site to uncover motivators and desires of job seekers and optimize digital experiences while they interact with your employer branding and jobs.
Maximize Digital Experience and Employer Brand

Refine Application Experience

Using Survale pre-built ATS integrations Survale automatically gathers feedback about the application process to ensure the maximum conversion rate from job seeker to applicant
Integrate and Increase Application Conversion Rate

Optimize Phone Screen and Interview Experience

Once a candidate's status changes to phone screen or interview, Survale automatically sends a pulse feedback request to find out how it went. No more interview blind spots.
Ensure Fair, Consistent and Respectful Interviews

Improve Offer Experience

Understand why candidates accept or decline your offers. Use this data to increase first choice hires by tailoring offers to meet their expectations
Optimize Offers and Increase Acceptance Using Hard Data

Deliver Hire Date to Start Date Experiences

Understand and optimize issues within the the new hire journey from hire to first day on the job. Gather feedback and engage talent to ensure they show up day one feeling valued and connected to the organization.
Ensure New Hires Arrive Engaged and Motivated on Their First Day of Work

Diagnose, Optimize and Monitor

Survale maps feedback to specific processes and operational data contained in your core systems, like location, job type, manager, recruiter, etc. to unlock unprecedented insights into process, sentiment and performance. Use Survale's KPI dashboards to monitor the health of your people, processes and technologies.
Monitor Prescriptive Analytics and Operationalize a Great Hiring Experience
Put positive candidate experience surveys to work

Put Positive Candidate Experience Surveys to Work!

Survale modules let you leverage positive candidate experiences into more candidates, a better employer brand, a more diverse talent pool and more.

Candidate Experience Survey Case Studies

UiPath candidate experience case studies Survale clients

UiPath Gets Repeatable Candidate Experience

"Survale allowed talent acquisition leaders to directly see where improvements were needed."
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Candidate experience cases studies Survale clients

Survale Shows CDW That Candidates Want More

"Real time feedback allows us to act immediately. We don't have to wait months for insights
View Case Study

Dent Wizard Provides Full Circle Candidate Engagement

"I can run a bottleneck report in my ATS, but having a candidate tell me specifically why was much more helpful”
View Case Study
Workiva candidate experience case studies Survale clients

Workiva Aligns Recruiting Around Candidate Satisfaction

"Hiring managers now know we’re surveying these candidates and they’re accountable for what is occurring in these interviews”
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Candidate Experience Client Quotes

Hundreds of Companies Use Survale to Analyze Millions of Surveys Annually

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