Increase Employer Review Site Ratings and Amplify Employer Brand

SurvalePromote leverages your employee and/or candidate feedback efforts into higher ratings on employer review sites like Glassdoor and Kununu, as well as social channels. Built in intelligence identifies satisfied respondents and makes it easy for them to promote your company, or follow you on social media.

Automatically identify promoters

Automatically Identify Your Organization's Promoters

As candidates, new hires or employees provide their feedback on the hiring process, first year of employment, employee experience and more, Survale identifies those promoters who are likely to sing your praises on employer review sites and/or social channels. You control the level of satisfaction that SurvalePromote keys on.

Encourage Promoters to Rate Your Organization on Employer Review Sites

SurvalePromote intercepts likely promoters after they submit their feedback and encourages them to share their good experience. You control where to send them.

Encourage external reviews
Connect to employer reviews sites

Seamlessly Connect Promoters to the Review Form or Social Channel You Choose

SurvalePromote can take your promoters directly to YOUR review form on Glassdoor, Kununu or other employer review sites. You can also send them to social channels where they can follow you and/or get access to any information or tools you provide.

SurvalePromote Increases Hiring Success and Boosts Your Employer Brand

Your employer review site ratings have a direct affect on the cost to hire new employees and retain existing ones. Survale provides the foundation for your satisfaction efforts by identifying issues and allowing you to optimize processes before they become a problem on employer review sites. Now SurvalePromote takes the next step, making it easy for your fans to sing your praises to other potential employees.

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Increase hiring success and boost your employer brand
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