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About Survale

Key People

Survale Co-Founder & CEO Jason Moreau

Jason Moreau

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Formerly Cytiva / SonicRecruit I Taleo

Nilima Deshpande

Senior Software Engineer

Michael Mills

Senior Account Executive

Formerly Cytiva / SonicRecruit I MystaffingPro

Ian Alexander

Co-Founder / Chief Marketing Officer

Formerly Cytiva / SonicRecruit I KnowledgePoint

Client Implementation Manager

Jenifer Brown Foxx

Client Implementation Manager

Senior Software Engineer

Shanmugavel Chandrasekaran

Senior Software Engineer

Survale Co-Founder Shashikant Joshi

Shashikant Joshi

Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer

Formerly Perfode I KnowledgePoint

Senior Software Engineer

Vadiraj Bidarahalli

Senior Software Engineer

Chief Employee Experience Officer

Mike Lonergan (Milo)

Chief Employee Experience Officer

Client Implementation Manager

Julie Knisley

Senior Director Client Strategy

Formerly RevLocal I Goodwill Industries

Senior Account Executive

Jeff Stacer

Senior Account Executive

Formerly Cytiva / SonicRecruit I MystaffingPro

Why Survale

Proven Industry Experience

Survale's team boasts decades of experience in recruiting, performance management and the development of cutting edge Technology

Strong Partner Ecosystem

Survale has partnered with key providers to integrate with core systems and add value for clients

Raving Fans!

Survale clients sing our praises in case studies and industry conferences

Cutting Edge Technology

Survale is fast and and easy to use because it is built on the latest, lightest and most secure technologies

Enterprise Security

Survale has been independently audited for compliance for SOC 2 standards to ensure the highest level of enterprise security

Increasing Value

Survale's platform can be used to automatically gather feedback for all talent facing programs and beyond. The more you use it, the greater the value

Proven Enterprise Data Security

Survale’s worldwide security infrastructure complies with SOC2 and other accepted standards. Our secure cloud is used by federal defense contractors, large health organizations, technology consulting firms and global organizations requiring data security within multiple countries

SOC2 Compliant Security

Our operations and security infrastructure has undergone and passed an exhaustive external audit for SOC2 compliance.

Global Footprint

We service clients with data centers throughout the world ensuring any sensitive data is kept within discrete territories

GDPR Compliant

Survale's platform is more than GDPR compliant. It gives clients a comprehensive toolkit for managing compliance throughout their subscription

Award Winning Talent Experience Solutions

Talent survey analytics

Transform Your Talent Experience

Latest News and Resources

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