Survale was born from the notion that when organizations ask their talent what’s working and what’s not, they open the door to transformation. Our founders combined modern survey technology with the workflow and campaigning capabilities of marketing automation software and then made sure it was “Always On.” Founded by industry veterans Jason Moreau, Ian Alexander and Shashikant Joshi, Survale has now served over 400 companies in 25 countries and is just getting started. From candidate experience to quality of hire and employee experience, there is no end to the uses for Survale.

Survale was founded by recruiting and HR software pros Jason Moreau, Ian Alexander and Shashikant Joshi. Together they boast decades of industry experience and have built client and investor value across multiple organizations. The larger Survale team brings a wealth of industry, technical and services accomplishments to bear acquiring and serving a distinguished and fast growing client base. Our technologists, sales and service professionals are excited to help your organization reap the rewards that talent satisfaction can bring.

When organizations serve their talent as diligently as they serve their customers, true potential is unleashed. Survale’s automated feedback platform is the key to unlock that potential

Proven Industry Experience

Survale team boasts decades of success in recruiting, performance management and cutting edge technology

Strong Partner Ecosystem

Survale has partnered with key providers to easily integrate with core technologies and add value for clients

Raving Fans!

Survale clients sing our praises to colleagues, at industry conferences and more.

Cutting Edge Technology

Survale is fast and easy to use because it is built on the latest, lightest and most secure technologies

Easy Implementation

Clients rave about how easy Survale is to implement. You can be up and running on Survale in as little as 15 minutes!

Increasing Value

Survale can gather feedback on any program, initiative or talent base you can imagine. The more you use it, the more value you get.

Key Team Members

Made up of technical prowess, industry leadership and service professionalism, Survale's team embodies a singular dedication to serving our clients worldwide


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