Continuous employee experience feedback

Continuous Employee Engagement

Survale automatically surveys employees a set intervals, or after key transactions. From weekly pulse feedback to satisfaction with programs to annual employee engagement data, Survale runs in the background so metrics are current.

Monitor and Optimize Culture as the Workplace Changes

Measure employee experience with new technologies, benefits, employee programs, facilities - you name it. Survale organizes your employee experience feedback campaigns into discrete dashboards.

Uncover Important Correlations

Want to compare employee satisfaction with quality of hire? Employee attitude by manager satisfaction? Survale supports comparing metrics between feedback campaigns to uncover compelling correlations and improve satisfaction.

Always On Employee Feedback

Always On Feedback

Embed employee feedback forms on your Intranet, Slack or other employee facing communication technologies.

Direct employee communication

Always Open Communication

Survale acts as a direct line of communication for at risk, marginalized or other employees in sensitive situations.

Solicit ideas for improvement

Always On Innovation

Survale acts as a pipeline for new ideas and suggestions. From innovations to cost saving opportunities, let your entire workforce contribute to the future success of the business.

One Platform to Measure Employee Experience and Optimize Talent Programs

Measure employee experience with all talent facing programs over the entire talent lifecycle to optimize employee experience, encourage open communication and supercharge your organization.

Survale at ERE Conference

Choose Your Program

Survale provides dedicated "Views" and dashboards for every facet of employee experience, from overall satisfaction, to regular pulses to specific programs, benefits, facilities, etc.

Measure ANY employee facing programs

Request performance data

Pulse employees regularly

Measure employee engagement

Evaluate benefits value

Monitor feedback over time

Amplify Your Employer Brand

Create your feedback questions or use Survale's pre-existing templates to modify. Then use Survale's simple, yet powerful options to add your employer branding touches for a stunningly branded survey.

Enjoy robust branding options

Gather employee satisfaction scores

Increase employer review site ratings

Enjoy rich engaging graphic question styles

Deliver mobile optimized surveys

Branded employee experience survey
Employee pulse intervals

Select Any and All Employee Feedback Modes

Survale's workflow automation sends feedback requests at the intervals you define, or integrate with any talent facing system and trigger pulse feedback based on employee transactions. You can even set up reminders for employees who don't complete their feedback. You can also embed Survale feedback collection into your intranet, Slack or other employee-communication technologies.

Automatically send surveys at preset intervals

Trigger surveys after employee transactions

Embed satisfaction surveys in employee facing technologies

Employee survey portal organizes feedback

Automatically turn long surveys into pulses and reassemble for analysis

Run multiple campaigns with multiple intervals

Use Your Analytics to Uncover Opportunities

Survale's continuous feedback collection ensures your employee experience data is always current. Each program is organized into "Views" with separate dashboards. Survale's powerful analytics makes it easy to drill into metrics and comments to find areas to optimize employee satisfaction.

Segment programs into discrete "Views"

Filter data by location, manager, etc.

Create indexes and comparison widgets

Gather suggestions for innovation and savings

Employee experience analytics
Reward candidates and employees for providing feedback

SurvaleRewardsTM Provides Incentives For Feedback

Perfect for any organization, SurvaleRewards lets you provide employees with gift cards, discount products or services to reward them for providing feedback.

Reward employees with gift cards or discounts on your own merchandise

Boost your employer brand

Pull promo codes from your eCommerce platform or use our partner to provide a selection 3rd party gifts

Increase response rates and employee satisfaction

Boost Employer Review Site Ratings with SurvalePromote

Optional SurvalePromote identifies your satisfied employees as they engage with you and helps them translate their satisfaction into positive ratings on employer review sites like Glassdoor

Identify satisfied employees

Link to the review form on employer review sites

Ask if they'd like to share their experience

You choose the site and the satisfaction threshold

Employee experience solution

One Platform to Optimize Every Aspect of the Talent Lifecycle

From candidates to new hires to employees and beyond, Survale's flexible and global platform gathers and organizes quantitative and qualitative employee experience data into a single system to measure employee experience and optimize your workforce. Drill into insights, compare disparate metrics for correlations - there's no end to the potential for increasing retention, amplifying employer brand and improving productivity.

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