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Survale named Top HR Product by Human Resource Executive Magazine!More than an employee experience survey - automatically measure every facet of  satisfaction with culture, facilities, programs, technology - you name it.

Improve Employee Experience and Optimize Talent Facing Programs

Employee experience survey features

Survale automatically surveys employees a set intervals, or after key transactions. Its intuitive analytics uncover tremendous opportunities to optimize people, processes and technology. From weekly pulse feedback to annual employee engagement data, Survale gathers feedback in the background,

How It Works

Always On Listening
Survale embeds in employee facing technologies like Intranets and employee communication portals. This passive listening can uncover employee issues, suggestions, everyday sentiment and more. It gives employees an anonymous way to surface ideas and concerns.
Embed in Intranet or Other Employee Facing Tools
Send Automatic Pulse Surveys
Survale automatically sends short feedback requests at scheduled intervals to provide employers with a real-time pulse on engagement, sentiment, problems and more. Survale's Parse to Pulse feature can also divide larger engagement surveys into small pulses and then reassemble them for analysis.
Monitor Feedback to Understand Sentiment and Engagement
Get Feedback About Key Programs
Integrate Survale with HRMS, Payroll, LMS or other employee facing technologies and get automatic feedback after key transactions like anniversaries, important trainings, benefits enrollment, performance evaluations and more.
Integrate and Gather Feedback After Talent Interactions
Operationalize Diversity Experience
Once you've integrated Survale with core systems and are monitoring employee experience, it's easy to leverage EEO data to understand how your organization, culture and programs are experienced by diverse populations. Survale's diagnostic and tracking capabilities can help employers operationalize inclusivity.
Easily Segment Employee Experience by EEO Data
Diagnose, Optimize and Monitor
Survale maps feedback to specific processes and operational data contained in your core systems, like location, job type, manager, etc., to unlock unprecedented insights into process, sentiment and performance. Use Survale's KPI dashboards to monitor the effectiveness of your people, culture, processes, employer brand and technologies.
Monitor Prescriptive Analytics and Operationalize Employee Experience
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Put Positive Employee Experience to Work!

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Hundreds of Companies Use Survale to Analyze Millions of Surveys Annually

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Transform Your Employee Experience

Optimize All Employee Facing Processes

Automated Employee Experience Survey Use Cases

Survale’s automated feedback and comprehensive, prescriptive analytics make it easy to diagnose and optimize HR issues, understand your employer brand and provide leadership with hard data about what’s working and what’s not working with your talent programs and processes.

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