Survale Optimizes Employee Experience from Hello to Hire and beyond

Optimize Employee Experience for All Talent-Facing Programs

Survale named Top HR Product by Human Resource Executive Magazine!Survale’s talent feedback platform was purpose-built for optimizing all talent-facing programs, from employee engagement to sentiment about workplace programs and issues, and much more. Plus, Survale can consolidate all your hiring, onboarding, quality of hire and employee experience feedback programs under one platform with consistent metrics.

  • Automatic Feedback

    Integrates with your HRMS to automatically gather feedback after key talent transactions like training, benefits enrollment, and much more.

  • Optimize Engagement and Workplace Sentiment

    Automatically gather and analyze engagement and sentiment with workplace issues at specified intervals.

  • Diagnose Talent Program Issues

    Simple analytics give you real time metrics to diagnose issues with programs, strategies, workplace environment and more.

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