Gather quality of hire data automatically

Gather Data Automatically

Survale automatically surveys candidates, hiring managers and recruiters at preset intervals during the first 12 months of employment.

Track key quality of hire metrics

Define Key Metrics

Survale gathers quality of hire metrics like performance, retention, fit and hiring manager satisfaction data automatically.

Target types of references to check

Complete Quality of Hire

Measure quality of hire in aggregate, by candidate, by hiring manager, or by recruiter. Survale is as general or as specific as you want.

Engage hiring managers

Engage Managers in Quality of Hire

Survale gathers hiring manager feedback from first interview through the first year of employment.

Candidate feedback on hiring manager

Get Candidate Feedback on Hiring Managers

Avoid candidates "quitting their managers" by getting constant feedback throughout the talent lifecycle.

Align recruiters and hiring managers

Align Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Use hiring manager feedback to get recruiters and hiring managers aligned about candidate quality and quantity.

One Platform to Automate Quality of Hire Metrics

Survale analyzes candidate experience, quality of hire metrics and employee experience feedback to give you one platform to optimize the talent lifecycle

Quality of hire data

Define Your Quality of Hire Data Points

Survale's feedback collection technology and automated delivery allow you to gather quality of hire data continuously as new hires acclimate

Gather first year retention data

Request performance data

Assess company fit

Measure hiring manager satisfaction

Determine new hire/manager fit

Monitor developmental progress

Integrate and Automate

Pre-integrated with top ATS providers, Survale kicks into gear and initiates a quality of hire campaign as soon as a candidate is dispositioned as "Hired." Simply choose the intervals you'd like the new hire and the hiring manager to be surveyed.

Get sequenced survey delivery

Choose survey delivery intervals

Runs automatically in the background

Deliver surveys via email or Slack

Quality of hire integration
Hiring manager portal

Engage Managers and New Hires

Survale can gather quality of hire data from both new hire and manager perspective, giving you a unique view of fit and function from both perspectives

Track hiring manager satisfaction

Measure new hire satisfaction

Turn satisfied employees into higher employer review site ratings

Provide hiring manager survey portal

Get a full-circle view of quality of hire

Analyze Quality of Hire Year 'Round

Survale gathers quality of hire data in the background so your dashboard always reflects the most up-to-date metrics. And you can compare metrics with other Survale dashboards like candidate satisfaction, employee engagement and more.

Measure quality of hire in aggregate

Measure quality hire by individual

Measure quality of hire by hiring manager

Compare quality of hire to candidate, hiring manager, recruiter or employee satisfaction

Quality of hire dashboard
Quality of hire made easy

Maximize Quality of Hire the Easy Way

Survale requires no complicated data integration to provide reliable quality of hire metrics. Plus you get powerful insights from new hires, hiring managers and recruiters that you don't get by pulling static data from multiple systems.

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