The CandE Awards and the Value of Candidate Experience Benchmarks

CandE candidate experience benchmarks

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As the Talent Board’s involvement with the CandE Benchmark Research Program winds down and its final report is published, it’s a good time to revisit the value of candidate experience benchmarks and the amazing research behind the CandE Program. The good news is that the program lives on under the auspices of ERE, and organizations can and should sign up to participate in the coming year’s program.

In the meantime, you can download the current report here for free.

And you SHOULD download this report because it is one of the most valuable pieces of research you can get regarding candidate experience.

The report breaks candidate experience into key phases, from application to screening and interviewing to offer and onboarding. For each phase, you get data driven insights about what candidates want, what organizations are doing overall and recommendations based on what CandE Award winners are doing (top organizations). In addition, it provides key takeaways from the research which include candidate experience benchmarks.

CandE Program candidate experience benchmarksAs in the past, Survale continues to be the feedback platform CandE uses to conduct their research and we continue to provide CandE benchmarks to Survale clients as they provide year round, consistent, data driven experiences to their candidates. Survale clients go a step beyond annual surveys and gather year round feedback in real time to improve recruiting experiences and pinpoint problems within their hiring process down to the individual, people, processes and technologies they use to hire.

CandE Case Studies

In addition to important insights about how the best companies are performing, and overall trends in candidate feedback, this year’s CandE Benchmark Research Program features several case studies, many of which include Survale clients. 

CandE winner, Keybank, implemented Survale feedback for every important stage of the candidate journey and made candidate satisfaction feedback available for their recruiters. As a result of  all their efforts, they report higher candidate NPS scores and offer acceptance rates.

CandE winner Schneider Electric radically shifted their strategy to place the candidate experience front and center. They implemented Survale to gather year round feedback at key stages of their process. Their Survale feedback acts as the “voice of the customer (candidate)” and they use the data to optimize their people, processes and technologies. They also gather feedback from recruiters and hiring managers and use this data to get a 360 degree view of their hiring performance. The actionable insights they get from this feedback have enabled their entire recruiting team to align around better experiences and make tangible improvements in hiring team behavior and candidate satisfaction. After implementing Survale, Schneider won their first CandE Award (congrats!)

CandE winner Mindpoint found tremendous value in the feedback they received from the CandE program and are now implementing Survale in order to get consistent, year round feedback and use it to further optimize their recruiting efforts.

When it comes to candidate experience benchmarks, ERE’s CandE Benchmark Research Program comes with a decade’s worth of rigor and credibility. And that makes their annual reports without peer. If you haven’t downloaded the 2023 report, get it here. And while you’re at it, sign up for next year’s CandE Award Program. You’ll get customized insights based on YOUR specific candidate feedback plus a lot more. And you may just win a coveted CandE Award.

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The CandE Awards and the Value of Candidate Experience Benchmarks

As the Talent Board’s involvement with the CandE Benchmark Research Program winds down and its final report is published, it’s…