Engage Candidates in Real-Time

An "Always On" website feedback button engages pre-applicant candidates and encourages feedback in real time from first career site visit. Gather feedback on your jobs, application process, employer brand and more.

Track key quality of hire metrics

Delight Applicants

Once a candidate applies, Survale initiates automatic feedback campaigns to candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters based on stage changes in your ATS. From phone screen to accepted offer and beyond, this eliminates blind spots and lets candidates know you care about their experience

Minimize declined offers

Minimize Declined Offers

Survale's talent feedback platform automatically gathers feedback from candidates and other stakeholders when offers are accepted or declined, allowing you to fine tune your offers and turn around declined offers in real time with hard data.

Automatically Gather Quality of Hire Metrics

Once a candidate is marked hired in your ATS, Survale initiates automated campaigns to gather feedback at key intervals from hiring managers, recruiters, new hires and more. This gives you up to the minute quality of hire data as well as hard data you can use to analyze quality of hire in aggregate and for individuals.

Hiring manager feedback

Track Hiring Manager Feedback

Survale's automated workflow automatically gather's manager feedback at key intervals throughout the first year, giving you performance and cultural fit metrics. Survale's Hiring Manager Portal makes it easy for managers to keep track of feedback.

Simple quality of hire

Quality of Hire Made Simple

Survale simplifies quality of hire metrics by distributing data gathering across all the stakeholders. No need to extract and normalize data from payroll, ATS, and performance management systems. Simply set up Survale's workflow to gather feedback.  As soon as a candidate is hired in the ATS, Survale  does the rest.

Maximize employee experience

Maximize Employee Experience

Survale automatically gathers feedback from employees in any way you like, measuring overall morale, satisfaction with programs and benefits, Netpromoter score and more.

Employee experience your way

Employee Experience Your Way

Want to pulse employees weekly? Get feedback on new programs or technology roll outs? Create composite indexes of engagement and satisfaction metrics? Survale is designed to support any approach to employee experience feedback and analysis

Measure employee experience outcomes

Focus on Outcomes

Gathering employee sentiment is one thing. Survale's flexibilty and built-in NetPromoter questions lets you measure improvement over time and see how well your response to employee feedback is affecting overall satisfaction.

A Truly Modern Talent Feedback Survey Platform

Survale combines highly branded, mobile-optimized talent surveys with automated delivery and easy HR System integration. It's a modern, self-contained feedback platform ready to engage and empower your workforce.

Branded candidate surveys

Begin with a Stunningly Branded Talent Feedback Survey

Survale is a modern, mobile optimized feedback platform that engages candidates and employees in a simple and fresh way.

Rich image backgrounds

Graphic response options

Add your logo

Satisfaction questions

Mobile optimized

Your colors and fonts

Embed Survey on Your Career Site or Intranet

Survale's "Always On" technology makes it easy to engage candidates and employees as they interact with your jobs, your brand or internal tools and programs. Survale connects with talent in context and in real-time.

Simple set up

Branded survey buttons

Control button appearance and behavior

Deploy multiple surveys

Embed always on surveys
Integrate Survey Workflow

Tie Feedback to Hiring or Employment Stages

Survale integrates with your ATS, HRMS, Onboarding system and more to help you optimize processes. As you work with talent in other systems, you trigger Survale to send feedback requests to employees, candidates, hiring managers, recruiters and more.

Integrate with ATS or HRMS

Trigger feedback from other systems

Feedback runs in background

Tie feedback to statuses or transactions

Engage via Text, Email, Slack or Web

Survale automatically engages people where they are, delivering surveys via email, text, embedded in web page or through corporate communication systems like Slack. This ensures the highest response rates for your feedback.




Embedded in web page or cloud app

Deliver surveys via text
Real time talent metrics

Get Real-Time Results

Survale works round the clock in the background as you manage your talent so your analytics are always up-to-date. You can optimize your processes in real-time and mitigate problems or amplify successes uncovered in each talent survey as they happen.

Per-program dashboards

Customizable metrics widgets

Real-time alerts

Comment feeds

Easy comment mining

Powerful analytics filters

SOC 2 Compliant Data Security

An Independent audit confirms that Survale complies with SOC 2 standards and has established policies, practices and controls to ensure client data remains secure within our global hosting network. Survale also meets GDPR requirements and ensures client data remains within its native economic zone.

Audited for SOC 2 Compliance

In-Region Hosting

GDPR Compliant

Proven Security Infrastructure

SOC 2 Security

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