Turn Satisfied Employees and Candidates Into High Quality Employee Referrals

While you use Survale to gather feedback from candidates and employees about their experiences with your company, SurvaleRefer turns satisfied respondents into additional candidates for your open jobs.

Survale engages candidates and employees

Gather Feedback from Employees and Candidates About Their Experiences

Survale's talent feedback platform gathers feedback from candidates and employees to help optimize your talent facing programs. SurvaleRefer integrates into your normal feedback efforts when respondents are highly engaged.

SurvalerRefer Identifies Highly Satisfied Respondents

As candidates and employees enter their Net Promoter Scores TM, Survale identifies those most likely to promote your organizations and your jobs. These promoters are a rich source of employee referrals.

SurvaleRefer identifies promoters as they provide feedback
Showcase employee referral rewards

Showcase Referral Rewards to Increase Response

SurvaleRefer lets you highlight any employee referral rewards you offer. This further motivates promoters and increases the number of referrals resulting from SurvaleRefer's feedback-based employee referral process.

Promoters Provide Referral Contact Information While They Are Engaged

SurvaleRefer makes providing contact information fast and easy by integrating data gathering into the feedback process. Promoters enter their personal information along with the contact information for the people they recommend.

Providing contact information is easy
View, export and integrate with other systems for follow up

Export Referrals or Automatically Add Them to Other Systems

SurvaleRefer stores your employee referrals in lists where they can be viewed and easily exported. Or SurvaleRefer can be integrated with you ATS, CRM, or sourcing referral systems for automatic transfer and follow up.

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See how SurvaleRefer can provide hundreds to thousands of employee referrals

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