Boost Employer Brand and Candidate Satisfaction with Real-Time Survey Analytics

The Solution

Survale integrates into your career site giving you unprecedented views of candidate satisfaction and career site effectiveness

Measure Candidate Experience

Easy recruiting surveys throughout your career site take a quick pulse of how candidates feel about every thing from your employer brand to your application process. Automated follow up surveys measure satisfaction through the full candidate lifecycle.

Monitor Candidate Feedback

Survale’s quick Surveys give you a constant pulse of what candidates are saying about your recruiting experience. Word clouds indicate trouble spots with your employer brand and process. Comment feeds let you share and respond to candidate feedback.

Pinpoint Your Best Candidate Sources

Easy, visual analytics show you how your candidates are finding you and which sources produce the most applicants. From job boards to organic search to sources of candidates you currently may not know you have.

Optimize Employment Applications

Easily see what percentage of candidates fail to complete your application. Measure drop off at each stage or section so you can test and optimize your forms for higher conversion rates (and more applicants!)

The Survale Candidate Experience

Employer brand alignment , satisfied candidates and effective career sites can supercharge your ability to hire great employees
The Numbers Behind Positive Candidate Experience

Only a tiny percentage of visitors to most career sites ever fill out an application. The rest have important online candidate experiences that go unnoticed. What are you doing to give them a better experience? And how do you know it's effective? Leading employers spend big money and time developing their employer brand and integrating it into a compelling career site with little insight into how candidates respond to it.

Survale monitors traffic and candidate experiences giving you powerful insight into your recruiting performance. How is your employer brand perceived? How many candidates are you losing due to career site performance? How are your managers performing in the recruiting process? Survale answers these questions and more-automatically. Show candidates you care and supercharge your recruiting results in the process with Survale.

  • Unknown Candidates

    Up to 99% of potential applicants never fill out an application. Yet they are interacting with you and drawing conclusions about your employer brand

  • Satisfied Candidates

    As little as 4/100ths of one percent of career site visitors get hired. The rest are somewhere between satisfied and frustrated

  • Application Completion Rate

    A 4% increase in application completion rate can more than triple your number of hires

  • Candidates Are Customers

    100% of career site visitors are customers, voters, social network commenters or potential star employees for your competitors

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