Engage Employees and Candidates with "Always ON" Feedback and Powerful Analytics

Candidate Experience Quality of Hire Employee Engagement Full Talent Lifecycle

All You Have to Do is Ask

Forget about HR systems with their inaccurate reports that don’t work together to tell you what you need to know. Or those glacial big data analytics platforms that take years to pull all that bad data together. Survale is simple, automatic and the power of its metrics will blow your mind. What do you want to know about your workforce? Just ask and let Survale do the rest.
Candidate Experience

Get candidate feedback and analytics to optimize candidate experience

Quality of Hire

Automatically gather and track quality of hire metrics and feedback

Employee Engagement

Gather year round feedback and analytics on all facets of employee engagement

Onboarding Effectiveness

Track and analyze the effectiveness and satisfaction levels with your onboarding efforts

Survale Key Features

Survale's automated "always on" feedback collection and state of the art analytics give you one platform to increase hiring effectiveness, ignite your workforce and increase retention
Always on Feedback

Survale’s “always on” feedback gives you steady data by embedding surveys into career sites, employment applications, employee portals, and more

Powerful Analytics

Survale’s analytics give you powerful insights into your feedback programs with flexible widgets, custom indexes, and more. Alerts notify you when key metrics change

Automatic Campaigns

Survale’s campaigns automatically deliver initial and follow up surveys at set intervals via email or employee communication platforms like Slack®

Branded Surveys

Full survey creation tools let you build simple yet powerful surveys with stunning branding and advanced features like NetPromoter® score, skip logic and more

Traffic Analysis

Survale’s analytics track all key website analytics including visits, sources, devices, application drop off, application completion time and much more

Feedback Mining

View and respond to free form feedback using Survale’s powerful comments tab and intuitive word clouds

Focused Views

Set up individual “views” for multiple feedback programs like candidate satisfaction, quality of hire, onboarding effectiveness, employee engagement and more

Flexible Lists

Create survey lists with custom fields using Survale’s API, uploading lists from your ATS or HR system, or adding contacts from within any cloud based system

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Survale Key Clients & Partners

Survale Can Integrate with Most Popular Recruiting and Onboarding Systems, Supporting Top Employers.
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Survale's leadership team boasts a long history of bringing successful talent management solutions to market
Jason Moreau
Jason Moreau
Co-Founder & CEO
Moreau oversees Survale as CEO. He previously founded Cytiva Software Inc, providers of award winning talent management solutions, SonicRecruit, SonicOnboard and SonicPerform.
Shashikant Joshi
Shashikant Joshi
Co-Founder & CTO
Shashikant Joshi is a technology entrepreneur specializing in architecting web-based, high availability, scalable systems which incorporate lean-Agile practices. He has played instrumental roles for talent management providers, KnowledgePoint, Vurv and Perfode.
Dan Patterson
Dan Patterson
Dr. Dan Patterson is a globally recognized project analytics thought leader and software entrepreneur. As CEO and founder of Acumen, Dan organically developed this now widely recognized industry leading project analytics company. Acquired by Deltek in 2013, today, the Acumen suite of products (Fuse, 360 and Acumen Risk) are used by thousands of Fortune 500 project controls specialists.
Scott Marsh
Scott Marsh
VP Sales
Scott Marsh brings decades of experience growing recruiting and performance management technology organizations to Survale. Scott has held key positions with Cytiva Software, WebHire and SpectrumHR.


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