Covid-19 Effect on Talent: Survale is Here and We Can Help

Covid-19 effect on talent

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Covid-19 Corona Virus has sent cascading waves of increasing preventive restrictions throughout communities and businesses. The stock market has erased trillions in corporate value. Overall, there are more questions than answers. Organizations are re-assessing their operations and crafting short term strategies daily in this highly volatile and fluid situation.

Survale clients have been assured that our disaster plans include pandemic scenarios and Survale is well poised to continue to provide uninterrupted service during this uncertain time.

As clients and non-clients alike seek insights into the effect of Covid-19 on their internal and external talent, Survale can help.

Now’s the Time to Gather Strategic Data

Survale clients use our platform to automatically get feedback from candidates and employees after key transactions with recruiting and HR. This happens automatically and adjustments are made in real time to improve talent-facing program results.

With the Covid outbreak, we are urging clients to expand their use of Survale to better understand the impacts the virus response is having with their internal and external talent. This is needed, both now and in the future, as we move from mitigation of the spread to experiencing the impacts of the illness itself as it moves through the populous.

Covid-19 effect on talentWhether organizations use Survale or other survey tools, the time is now to send ad hoc surveys to better understand employee and/or candidate sentiment.  Despite its abilities to automatically send surveys, Survale can send and analyze one-offs as well.

And just as importantly, those clients gathering automatic employee/candidate feedback based on transactions should add questions to their automatic surveys to gather information now. 

After all, when you already have automated candidate/employee feedback in place, you’ve got a highly valuable stream of data that you can quickly exploit by adding some key questions.

Covid-19 Talent Feedback Questions

To get you thinking about what kind of data you can be gathering from your talent, here are some ideas. Please understand that the kind of questions you ask and the content of those questions are not one size fits all. Organizations should vet any questions for appropriateness both legally and in terms of your industry/culture.

The following questions are broken into practical/behavioral-based and sentiment-based. Understand that these are intended as 100% anonymous ONLY. Again, these are presented as ideas to get your mind working.

Practical Data Questions

  1. Have you traveled to China, Korea or EU/UK in the last 2 weeks? Learn what your potential exposure is to risk from incoming candidates or existing employees.
  2. Are you under any government restrictions related to reducing the spread of Covid19, and if so, what are they? Learn how widespread restrictions are that could affect your ability to hire people quickly, in general and in specific regions.
  3. The Covid19 pandemic has affected my job search in the following ways:
    • I will only accept work at home jobs
    • I am free to start a job sooner
    • I am no longer looking for work
    • It has not affected my job search at all

Employer Brand/Sentiment Questions

  1. How important is it that your next employer has clear, transparent and compassionate policies around emergencies like Covid-19 (1-10 scale) This shows candidates your compassion and transparency and/or identifies whether the communication of such policies could be an asset in recruiting.
  2. Would you like more information about [your company’s] Covid-19 response (if yes, point to a page with a statement)?  Better yet, simply add a statement to your surveys about your Covid response and how it affects hiring. This communicates potential slow downs that could be coming and affecting candidates. And it shows your transparency and concern as an employer

The Importance of Real-Time Feedback for Covid-Related Process Changes

HR and talent acquisition departments are changing the way they work. Many are working from home. Many are handling most or all of their interviews by video or phone. These changes have consequences, both good and bad. Organizations should be reviewing their feedback surveys to ensure they are gathering the proper data to monitor how these changes are affecting experiences and outcomes. 

Real time, transaction-based feedback gives organizations visibility into the execution of these changes so they can mitigate problems in real-time. Feedback should be gathered from all constituents to each transaction. 

Are your employees getting the resources they need to be effective working remotely? Are candidates having negative experiences related to the remote nature of the recruiting and interviewing process? Are hiring managers properly using video interviewing techniques? Are recruiters able to effectively execute all parts of their job remotely? 

As I said in the title, Survale will be available during this time of upheaval. Real time feedback tools like Survale can give you unprecedented access to strategic data in tough times. For clients and prospective clients alike, we can and will help

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