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Candidate Experience FeedbackThe ability to track quality of hire is one of the most important capabilities of an effective recruiting department. Both on a large scale: What is the overall effectiveness of the new hires we bring in?  And on an individual level: How did a particular candidate ultimately impact the organization?

There are absolute metrics for quality of hire like retention rate and longevity, but most of your meaningful QOH measures come from the evaluation of the new hire’s manager. So having a meaningful, agile and simple way to gather information from hiring managers is the most important part of the process.

You can have all the right questions that cover every you measure you need to track quality of hire, but if you can’t gather that information in a simple, automated way – one that automatically gathers and synthesizes the data into meaningful analytics that you can act on – then you will get little to no benefit.

General survey tools can be a cheap way to gather this data, but beyond price, they tend to fall short of supporting an ongoing QOH effort. The process of sending one ad hoc survey out after another is time consuming. And the lack of cohesive, time-based analytics that give you a macro and micro view of quality of hire, from pre-hire to one or two years in, make general survey tools a poor choice.

Survale’s Employer Satisfaction Platform supports quality of hire programs by automating the entire process and providing focused “views” and specific dashboards for each of your candidate satisfaction, new hire and employee satisfaction and engagement programs.

For quality of hire, Survale let’s you setup sequenced surveys that can be delivered to hiring managers at set intervals to measure quality of hire over time. These surveys can be driven through email or through popular collaboration tools like Slack.

Then, Survale provides the ability to segment your programs by “views” so you can channel all your QOH data into specific dashboards for analysis. Each view can be customized to include widgets that compare productivity over time, combine multiple metrics into a QOH “Index” for quick overall analysis of performance, compare any metric with another, and much more.

You have full control over how the data, so implementing and expanding on best practices is easy.

Plus, you can forget about having to hound managers for feedback. Survale does that through you by sending sequenced messages with surveys to managers until they respond.

As you track quality of hire and make it the cornerstone of your recruiting analytics, make sure you have the means to bring your strategies to life by using a tool that was designed by HR technology pros to measure quality of hire, candidate satisfaction, employee engagement and much more. For more information about Survale, click here.

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