Quality of Hire and Hiring Manager Satisfaction

Hiring Manager Satisfaction Survey Net Promoter Score

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Want to get a handle on quality of hire for your company? Start by asking your managers about hiring manager satisfaction with a hiring manager satisfaction survey.

Quality of hire is one of the most difficult hiring metrics to track, but if you start by asking hiring managers some key questions, getting a good handle on QOH and establishing some solid metrics is easy.

Ask them at 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and beyond.

Manager Satisfaction Quality of Hire Metric

Performance score can be a key part of quality of hire analytics. Depending on how effective and accessible your performance management system is, you may be able to grab some performance scores and try to shoe horn them into a report. But you can also ask some simple questions in periodic quick hiring manager satisfaction surveys to get the same data.

Hiring Manager Satisfaction Survey Quality of Hire Net Promoter ScoreYou can ask everything from “rank the employee’s performance on a scale of 1-10,” to asking them to provide a Net Promoter score for the employee (“How likely are you to recommend this employee to another manager or company?”) Net Promoter scoring is a proprietary formula that cuts through all the minutiae of typical scale-based responses and cuts quickly to factors that make a difference. It’s also a standard, so it’s easily comparable from department to department or company to company.

Managers are often much more likely to give answers to short, easy surveys than set aside time to provide full employee performance reviews.

You should also make sure that early surveys (3 months – even one month) gather data about the hiring process and how well the recruiting organization served the manager in the process.  You can ask about:

  • Timeliness of communication
  • Understanding of the role
  • Quality of candidates submitted
  • Overall satisfaction with the hiring processes
  • Net Promoter score for recruiter


Employee Retention Quality of Hire Metric

Retention is a key metric of quality of hire.  Longer retention generally indicates cultural fit, acceptable performance and a savings in terms of having to invest in replacing the position. Of course you can run reports out of your HR system at 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36 months to measure retention. The data is likely there.  But you can also include a question in your hiring manager satisfaction survey that asks “is the employee still employed?”

Keep it Short and Simple

Like anything else, quality of hire can be overthought and over executed with diminishing returns. It’s best to find a few important metrics and focus on them. This allows for short surveys and results in more participation from key stakeholders.

It’s also important to put a system in place to deliver these surveys automatically and provide analytics that measure multiple factors over time. Most organizations muddle through QOH efforts with one-off surveys and try to piece results together from multiple sources, often resulting in inconsistency and abandonment of the effort.

Choose an Analytics Platform

Systems like the Survale Employer Satisfaction Platform allow you to set up surveys and drive them out automatically at preset intervals via employee portals, onboarding and other systems,  email, and collaboration platforms like Slack.

This “set it and forget it” approach ensures programs get administered consistently without constant attention. Plus, Survale’s flexible analytics allows organizations to run multiple different “campaigns” for programs like onboarding success, candidate satisfaction, employee engagement, quality of hire and more – each with a different “view.”

And Survale’s analytics let you create indexes of multiple scores across each feedback program, as well as compare metrics between surveys and programs. So you can compare onboarding satisfaction with quality of hire, or candidate satisfaction with employee engagement, and track the relationships and performance of the metrics over time. For more information about Survale, click here.

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