Save reference check time

Save Hours of Time

Survale employee Reference Check contacts your candidates, requests references and then delivers responses to you automatically in the background, saving hours of recruiter time for each reference check

Target types of references to check

Target the Right References

Survale lets you define the mix of roles required to provide feedback for each employee reference check so you know you will be getting appropriate feedback from the type of references you need to make good decisions

Turn references into candidates

Turn References Into Candidates

Survale captures reference contact information, allowing you to use your employee reference check database as source of potential candidates in the future

Stop Wasting Valuable Time With Manual Employee Reference Checks

Survale's automated employee reference checking does the hard parts for you. Just initiate an employee reference check from a candidate and get results automatically!

Reference check survey

Create Your Reference Surveys

Survale's modern, highly brandable surveys can be tailored to provide the reference information you need to make solid hiring decisions for all your job families.

Add your unique employer brand

Tailor reference questions to the job

Choose engaging question and answer styles

Collect reference contacts and responses with one click

Target the Right References

Choose which types of reference profiles and how many references for each profile are required for each reference check.


Direct supervisors


Indirect supervisors

Select reference types

Send a Reference Request

Survale's sequenced campaigns reach out to candidates, gather suggested references, and follow up at the intervals you specify to help ensure timely completion

One click requests

Candidates provide reference contacts

References receive surveys

Survale collects responses

Analyze Results

Survale's advanced analytics display reference check results for individuals, as well as in aggregate, making hiring decisions easier and analyzing references across all hires

Track overall reference scores

Monitor reference scores against quality of hire

Monitor completion rates

Analyze reference responses across all hires

Analyze reference check results
Define reference types

Make Employee Reference Checks Faster, Easier and More Informative

Survale leverages our automated workforce feedback and analytics platform into fast and easy employee reference checks that sit alongside your other candidate and employee feedback programs. The result saves time and provides valuable reference check data that can be analyzed in conjunction with your other crucial hiring and employee experience data, like quality of hire, candidate and employee engagement.

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