Workiva Aligns Candidate Satisfaction With Recruiting Performance

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Survale has released a compelling new case study that shows how Survale client, Workiva, has used candidate satisfaction data to align and optimize their entire recruiting function. From their corporate career site to candidate interviews to offer letters, Workiva collects feedback and analytics. From candidate to recruiter to hiring manager Workiva collects feedback and analytics.

The recruiting function is largely managed around gathering feedback and analyzing data from these key constituents at each stage of the process and then optimizing based on this feedback.

Workiva recently won a Candidate Experience (CandE) Award from the Talent Board’s annual Candidate Experience Research Program so they must be doing something right.

Candidate Satisfaction Drives Alignment

In the Workiva model, candidates tell them what’s working and what’s not with Workiva’s:

  • Corporate career site
  • Recruiter phone screens
  • Hiring manager interviews
  • Declined offers

candidate satisfactionWorkiva Director of Talent Acquisition, Matt McDonald, meets weekly with one of his two candidate experience coordinators and goes over the candidate feedback and data analytics provided by Survale. They then identify issues and accomplishments reflected in the data and use this data to address issues that are uncovered.

One of the biggest areas of success that Workiva has seen so far using this approach is reflected in the performance of hiring managers and the alignment of recruiters and hiring managers in the recruiting process.

Like many organizations, Workiva did not have much visibility into the performance of hiring managers in the recruiting process. Now, using Survale’s candidate satisfaction platform, Workiva knows exactly what’s happening during hiring manager interviews, both in aggregate (how satisfied candidates are with interviews in general) and specifically with each hiring manager (what exactly happened in that interview)

This data is used to share with hiring managers for training and ensure they are both representing the company properly, and getting the information they need without wasting the candidates time.

Candidate Satisfaction Feedback Goes Both Ways

And what’s good for the goose is good for the gander (please use the comments to let me know if that phrase even makes sense anymore). Workiva also runs automated feedback campaigns to hiring managers to gather feedback about recruiter performance once a candidate is hired.

The result is that recruiting now has great visibility into hiring manager performance. Hiring managers know they are being held accountable for each interview and recruiters know they are being held accountable for the quality and quantity of candidates they are providing in support of hiring managers.

Of course, the real focus is using all this feedback to optimize and align recruiting in order to acquire the specialized talent needed by this high tech organization.

Real Time, Closed Loop Performance Management

What is not covered in great depth in the case study, but is compelling to me nonetheless, is the performance management value of this kind of process using the Survale platform.

Automatically gathering feedback from candidates, recruiters and hiring hiring managers as candidates move through each stage of the recruiting process, comes in very handy in evaluating the performance of the recruiting function.

Think about it. If you are managing the recruiting function, this kind of “full circle” feedback is invaluable for managing both the performance of the  process and the performance of the individuals in the recruiting function. Survale’s analytics can provide satisfaction data and anecdotal feedback by recruiter, by hiring manager, by region and more.

A single platform can align the efforts of recruiters and their downstream clients (hiring managers) AND the data that is produced within the platform can be used to manage performance of all the constituents around those aligned processes.

The full case study can be downloaded here. You can find all Survale client case studies here.


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