Survale TM Launches New SurvaleRewardsTM to Reward Job Seekers and Employees for Providing Feedback

SurvaleRewards Incentives

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Survale retail clients can now reward job seekers by offering free or discount goods or services to incent feedback, boost employer brand and generate revenue from hiring

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 5, 2019 – Leading Workforce Feedback and Analytics Platform, Survale, announces the launch of SurvaleRewards. This new feature enables clients to reward job seekers, thank candidates, increase response rates, boost employer brand and generate revenue from feedback efforts.

SurvaleRewards adds to Survale’s category-leading talent feedback platform by pulling promotional codes from the employer’s eCommerce platform and delivering them to job seekers after they finish providing feedback on job applications, interviews, offer letters, onboarding, employee experience and more.

These incentive codes can be immediately applied to items in the organization’s eCommerce platform by clicking through from the completed survey.

Reward job seekersIn today’s competitive recruiting environment, positive candidate experiences are required to convert interested job seekers into productive employees. Yet most organizations have little insight into what the job seeker actually experiences as they navigate first career site visit through hiring manager interviews to offer letters to onboarding and beyond.

Survale automatically gathers feedback at each stage of the recruiting process and now, with SurvaleRewards, retail clients can provide elevated candidate experiences and gain more feedback by rewarding responders.

“To reward job seekers is a win-win for employers,” said Jason Moreau, co-founder and CEO of Survale. “Looking for a job is not always fun, but getting a reward from a prospective employer increases employer brand affinity and can result in additional revenue generated from the recruiting process.”

Survale is also releasing a new case study detailing how client Craft Brew Alliance has used Survale’s candidate feedback platform to show it generates revenue from job seekers purchasing beer from one of their many well-known brands as research in advance of applying for a job.

“getting a reward from a prospective employer increases employer brand affinity and can result in additional revenue generated from the recruiting process”

Survale’s workforce feedback and analytics platform embeds in the hiring organization’s career site, tracking candidate behavior, gathering qualitative employer brand and candidate experience feedback and combining it with quantitative metrics like career site traffic, candidate sources and more.

Once a candidate applies, Survale’s automatic feedback platform triggers feedback from candidates, hiring managers and recruiters as candidates are moved through the hiring stages in organization’s ATS.

Survale’s powerful analytics overlays candidate feedback and behavior with hiring manager and recruiter feedback and other metrics like quality of hire, onboarding effectiveness, hiring manager satisfaction, new hire satisfaction, employee engagement, and employee turnover/retention.

SurvaleRewards is available immediately to clients. For more information visit


Survale is a Workforce Analytics Platform providing employers with an “Always On” solution for automatically gathering, analyzing and acting upon satisfaction and engagement data from candidates and employees as they traverse the hiring process.  From job openings to interviews to onboarding to ongoing employee feedback and quality of hire data , Survale has the tools to measure and optimize your workforce throughout the talent lifecycle. For more information, visit:

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