“Always On” Survale to Announce New Capabilities at the 2018 HR Technology Conference

2019 HR Technology Conference

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Yep, we have surprise announcements! What started as an understated booth in the startup pavilion at the 2016 HR technology Conference now finds the Survale team descending on Las Vegas for the 3rd consecutive year. The growth of Survale and the thirst for modern candidate experience and employee satisfaction systems propels us again onto the expo floor for this enduring tradition.

Since 2016, Survale has grown to serve over 400 organizations, engaging over 1 million candidates annually with over 8 million annual surveys.

You can find us at Booth #228, and if you’ve never had a chance to experience a Survale demo, you’re in for a treat.

2019 HR Technology ConferenceWhile the 2018 HR Technology Conference and Expo (“HR Tech” as it’s known) has traditionally been a conference most significantly fueled and attended by industry folks, there promises to be a portion of the attendees who will be practitioners learning about and sourcing – wait for it – HR technology.

For the team at Survale, HR Tech is a great opportunity to meet with our many partners, with press and analysts and, of course, clients and prospective clients.

We won’t have Moscow Mules, magicians, acrobats, models or similar distractions at our booth, so if that’s your game, apologies in advance. But you’ll find an awesome new platform to optimize your workforce in a very simple but powerful way:

Ask them.

Then let Survale do the rest.

You ask your customers how you could be better. You ask them for feedback to better meet their needs. Then you implement those ideas and optimize your service.

Survale clients ask their employees, prospective candidates, hiring managers and, yes even customers, “what can we do better to make this company better?”

Survale is like a bot that you set up to go out and continually ask your candidates and employees “what can make programs, processes, culture, environment and the organization in general, better?”

While Survale continually gathers this feedback, your organization can look into any number of program-specific Survale “Views” to discover patterns, respond to issues, and cross reference different metrics to uncover huge opportunities to optimize your organization and workforce.

As the research platform for the Talent Board’s annual Candidate Experience Research Project and CandE Award competition, you probably know Survale as a candidate engagement and feedback platform. Which it is! It’s an award winning candidate experience platform.

But we’ve got a big announcement at HR Tech in store. Our super-flexible, “does it all” workforce feedback platform will do more than employee experience feedback, candidate experience surveys, and quality of hire metrics. Join us in Las Vegas at the 2018 HR Technology Conference and Expo, or watch this space, to find out what our big announcement is!

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