Survale Announces New Reference Check Module and CRM Integration at HR Tech

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Workforce Feedback and Analytics Platform to Gather References and Reference Feedback Automatically

LAS VEGAS, NV – September 11, 2018 – Leading Workforce Feedback and Analytics Platform, Survale, announces a new reference checking module and partner integration at the 2018 HR Technology Conference and Exposition.

Survale Reference Check enables recruiters to solicit references from candidates and automatically ping those references to gather feedback about the candidate. Leveraging Survale’s robust feedback and automation platform, Reference Check turns a once manual task into a fully automated process that runs in the background as recruiters move candidates through stages in their ATS.

Define reference typesThe result is a quick and simple way to gather reference feedback, as well as a robust source of new candidates as references can be imported into your CRM or ATS. Plus, reference metrics can be analyzed against Candidate Experience, Employee Experience, Quality of Hire and Hiring Manager Satisfaction data to unlock additional hiring insights.

Survale also announces a new integration with partner Jobvite©, and their Engage CRM module. With the integration, candidate information that is gathered through Survale’s “Always On” career site candidate experience surveys can be pushed into Jobvite Engage for sourcing and recruitment marketing programs.

“Survale’s automated feedback platform is so flexible that adding reference checking capability was a natural,” said Jason Moreau, Co-Founder and CEO of Survale. “From candidate engagement to employee experience to quality of hire measurement and now reference checking, the more you use Survale, the more you get out of it.”

Survale’s workforce feedback and analytics platform provides an unparalleled solution for gathering candidate and employee feedback from career site through to the entire talent lifecycle.

Survale’s powerful analytics combine and compare candidate feedback and behavior with other metrics like quality of hire, onboarding effectiveness, hiring manager satisfaction, new hire satisfaction, employee experience, employee turnover/retention and much more.

For more information, see Survale at booth 228 at the 2018 HR Technology Conference and Exposition or visit


Survale is a Workforce Analytics Platform providing employers with an “Always On” solution for automatically gathering, analyzing and acting upon satisfaction and engagement data from candidates and employees as they traverse the hiring process.  From job openings to interview to onboarding to ongoing employee feedback and quality of hire, Survale has the tools to measure and optimize your workforce throughout the talent lifecycle. For more information, visit:

Learn How Survale can Optimize your Talent Experience

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