Survale CEO Talks with Talent Board President Kevin Grossman about Candidate Experience

Jason Moreau Talks Candidate Experience on CandE Shop Talk

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Survale CEO, Jason Moreau took time recently to sit down with Talent Board President Kevin Grossman on Grossman’s CandE’s Shop Talk Podcast. The topic was candidate experience, and it’s a topic both know a few things about.

Moreau’s focus was providing great experiences throughout the candidate lifecycle. While many organizations bend over backwards for the talent they know, they underperform when it comes to the talent they don’t know.

Jason Moreau Talks Candidate Experience on CandE Shop TalkYou know the candidates that get phone screened, interviewed, etc. But 99% of the candidates that interact with your brand and your jobs do so online. And that experience makes or breaks what they think of your company and tells you just how effectively your jobs and brand drive them to apply.

And there is typically no continuity of feedback. Most organizations do periodic surveys to the candidates they know. That’s better than nothing, but certainly not optimal. Moreau makes the case for a continuous flow of feedback from online candidate to applicant to interviewee to offer to hired employee, and beyond.

And what about hiring manager satisfaction? Quality of hire? Candidate and employee engagement? The potential benefit of feedback and data at all stages from all stakeholders is staggering.

Moreau’s company Survale helps organizations automate the process of gathering feedback throughout the candidate and employee lifecycle with a single platform. Survale is a Global Sponsor of the Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Awards, and is the official data research platform for the CandE Awards.

Survale automates the process of gathering candidate feedback online, via automated email campaigns or through chat platforms like Slack. This feedback is organized into powerful dashboards that not only analyze quantitative and qualitative metrics, but also allow for two way communication between the organizations and candidates and employees.

Check out the full discussion between Grossman and Moreau here.

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