Survale to Power Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Research Platform

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (July 11, 2017) – Leading candidate and employee experience platform provider Survale announced today that it has partnered with Talent Board, a non-profit organization focused on the promotion and data benchmark research of a quality candidate experience, to become the new data management platform for Talent Board’s Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards and Benchmark Program

The annual CandE Awards offers employers the opportunity to participate in a confidential benchmarking program to learn how their organization’s candidate experience compares to those of their peers, and to obtain feedback from their candidates while gaining insight into the latest tools and strategies for optimizing the recruiting process.

Survale delivers a platform that provides embedded “always-on” surveys, web analytics and automated follow up campaigns to measure candidate satisfaction, onboarding experience, employee engagement, quality of hire and more.

“The Talent Board CandE Awards were established to create the first benchmark research program that elevates the candidate experience,” said Ed Newman, chairman and co-founder of Talent Board. “Survale’s feedback and analytics platform for measuring candidate experience makes them the ideal partner to help participating companies to access and analyze their data from the Candidate Experience Awards program to better understand and improve their candidate experience.”

Too few companies recognize the aggregate impact candidate experience can have on their employment brand and their business. According to The North American Candidate Experience 2016 research report, 66 percent of candidates share negative recruiting experiences with their inner circles, and 34 percent of candidates will share them publicly on sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and more. This can impact whether or not candidates apply again, refer others and buy products or services if a consumer-based business.

Survale’s Employer Satisfaction Platform provides a unified system for gathering candidate feedback from pre-application to onboarding and beyond.  “At Survale, we believe that a deep understanding of the entire candidate experience, from the first touch all the way through onboarding, is essential to better recruiting,” said Survale CEO Jason Moreau. “Our mission is a perfect complement to Talent Board’s dedication to recognizing recruiting process improvements and the candidate experience offered by companies throughout the entire recruitment cycle and to forever changing the manner in which job candidates are treated.”

This year’s winners will be celebrated at the annual North American CandE Awards Symposium and Gala, which will be held Monday, October 2, 2017 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn. For more information about this and the CandE Awards programs, visit

About Survale

Survale is a Workforce Analytics Platform providing employers with an “Always On” solution for automatically gathering, analyzing and acting upon satisfaction and engagement data from candidates and employees as they traverse the hiring process.  From job openings to interview to onboarding to ongoing employee feedback and Quality of Hire, Survale has the tools to measure. For more information, visit:

About Talent Board

Talent Board is a non-profit organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience. The organization, Candidate Experience Awards program and its sponsors are dedicated to recognizing the candidate experience offered by companies throughout the entire recruitment cycle and to forever changing the manner in which job candidates are treated. More information can be accessed at

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