Survale™ Announces SurvaleRewards™, a New Way for Organizations to Reward Candidates and Optimize Recruiting Revenue Impact, at the 2019 HR Technology Conference and Expo

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For many organizations, candidate satisfaction affects revenue, so Survale makes it easy provide candidates with discounts or free products or services to thank them for applying

October 1, 2019 LAS VEGAS, NV – Award winning Talent Feedback Platform, Survale, will showcase SurvaleRewards, a new coupon code delivery feature at the 2019 HR Technology Conference and Exposition.

Survale’s talent feedback platform enables organizations to optimize their recruitment operations and candidate experience using feedback from candidates, recruiters and hiring managers at each stage of the hiring process. 

New SurvaleRewards interfaces with an organization’s eCommerce platform to deliver coupon codes for free or discounted products or services at the end of candidate feedback forms. It’s a way to increase brand affinity and show candidates that organizations appreciate their participation in the process. 

Evidence is mounting that candidate satisfaction affects revenue. For B to C organizations, candidates are often customers or potential customers. For B to B organizations, bad candidate experience can compromise their ability to staff key revenue projects.  

Survale client, Craft Brew Alliance (CBA) used Survale data to learn that 75% of applicants purchase a pint or a six pack of one of their leading brands of craft beers in preparation for applying.

Another client determined that potential annual losses from dissatisfied candidates could be as high as €3M, despite their impressive candidate Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Survale rewards is designed to minimize candidate dissatisfaction and protect or enhance top line revenue by creating brand loyalty and stimulating purchase behavior after the recruiting process.

“Candidates are either customers or potential customers for many organizations,” said Jason Moreau, Co-Founder and CEO of Survale. “Recruiting will never be a revenue center, but SurvaleRewards allows recruiting organizations to show appreciation to candidates while encouraging brand affinity and minimizing the potential for revenue loss due to dissatisfied candidates.”

In addition to SurvaleRewards has added advanced analysis widgets and data sharing capability to its analytics dashboard and is launching a new feature that directs Net Promoters to Glassdoor to post their positive reviews,

For more about the Survale Talent Feedback Platform and SurvaleRewards, stop by booth #2447 at the HR Technology Conference and Exposition or visit


Survale’s award winning Talent Feedback Platform provides employers with an “Always On” solution for automatically gathering, analyzing and acting upon experiential data from candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and employees at each stage of the hiring process and throughout the talent lifecycle, Survale’s data provides recruiting leadership with unprecedented insights into their recruitment operations and quality of hire, allowing them to optimize and align their people and processes around common metrics. For more information, visit:

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