Recruiting Case Study: UiPath Uses Survale to Ensure Consistent, Predictable, and Repeatable Candidate Experience

Recruiting case study UiPath

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In this new recruiting case study UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software vendor, details how they placed candidate experience at the center of their hiring process. 

UiPath is a leading enterprise automation software vendor that helps organizations efficiently automate business processes. Started in 2005 in Romania, UiPath has a vision to deliver the fully automated enterprise™ where companies use automation to unlock their creativity and full potential of every worker. UiPath offers an end-to-end platform for automation, combining the leading robotic process automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities that enable every organization to digitally transform its business.

During the past three years, UiPath has experienced explosive growth. The kind of growth that puts pressure on their global talent acquisition departments to become very efficient at sourcing and hiring the right candidates. For this reason, UiPath has made it a priority to understand precisely how candidates experience their hiring process, and optimize these processes to make sure candidates are satisfied. In fact, candidate satisfaction is a core KPI that drives their hiring strategies and execution.

This new recruiting case study details how UiPath selected and implemented Survale’s automatic candidate feedback platform, along with how they used the analytics within Survale to identify and remove friction from their hiring process. The resulting changes contributed to an increase in candidate satisfaction and a decrease in time to hire. UiPath also uses candidate and hiring manager feedback to improve performance and align recruiters and hiring managers around common metrics.

Recruiting case study UiPath“Survale feedback helps us ensure that our managers, recruiters, and interviewers are adhering to consistent, predictable, and repeatable hiring processes that deliver a stellar candidate experience,” said Nicole Fong, Talent Acquisition Manager, AMER Product & Engineering at UiPath. “Survale provides our hiring managers with the opportunity to reflect on the importance of candidate experience especially now with this scarce talent market.”

Survale integrates with UiPath’s ATS and automatically gathers pulse feedback from candidates after candidates complete key stages in the hiring process. It then diagnoses potential issues and prioritizes them via advanced intelligent analytics.

This new UiPath recruiting case study is available for instant download here and is a must read for any organization interested in optimizing their recruiting function by placing the voice of the candidate front and center in their hiring processes.

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