2022 Top HR Product Winners

2022 Top HR Product Winners

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As in past years, the 2022 Top HR Product Winners represent a compelling round up of great HR technology solutions. These solutions focus on everything from AI to Core HR, Employee Experience, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Rewards.

2022 Top HR Product WinnersThe award is handed out each year by HR Executive Magazine. As far as eligibility is concerned, 2022 Top HR Product Winners must have been developed within the last year and be available this Fall. Judges weighed the solutions’ innovation, overall value, ease of use, and the extent to which they deliver what they promise.

Survale’s Talent Feedback Platform won the award last year so we have some insight into the process and the vendors so here’s our round up of the winners.

Eightfold.ai Job Intelligence Engine

Understanding and optimizing the roles for current and future needs in an organization is a tough challenge. Eighfold’s Job Intelligence Engine is designed to analyze, inventory and activate the job descriptions the organizations already have. JIE aims to make role definition smarter, more aligned with strategy and easier to utilize in hiring and (re) deploying talent.

PTO Genius

PTO is supposed to support employee health through work/life balance. PTO Genius uses AI to analyze PTO data across an organization and spot opportunities to avoid burnout, increase wellness and reduce turnover. The tool is great for helping employees maximize the value of their PTO and organizations to optimize its use.

ServiceNow Manager Hub

ServiceNow’s Manager Hub brings together information from multiple systems to give managers a single portal into key information for themselves and their teams. Manager Hub puts company information, management tasks, employee requests and other important information at the manager’s fingertips.

Workday Scheduling and Labor Optimization

Workday Scheduling and Labor Optimization combines skills information with availability and compliance data to create a scheduling tool that, indeed, optimizes the workforce. It’s a smart scheduling system that is part of Workday’s overall HRMS solution.

ADP Intelligent Self-Service

ADP Intelligent Self-Service monitors millions of data points trying to preemptively spot potential problems and alert employees to them. From a missed punch on a time card to other anomalies, or employee lifecycle/work life balance needs, this solution tries to predict what an employee may need before they know they need it.


Joyous allows organizations to point internal expertise at strategic problems. Users can identify strategic concerns, break them down into questions, identify individuals within the organization who can contribute, gather feedback and support conversations. It’s a unique tool that aims to provide internal problem solving at scale.

Oracle ME

Oracle ME is part of Oracle Cloud HCM and it creates a personalized portal for employees and provides connections and resources personalized to each individual’s unique needs. It’s designed to take employee sentiment and enable targeted communications, deliver contextual guidance and strengthen relationships.

iCIMS Marketing Automation

iCIMS Marketing Automation brings marketing-style automation to sourcing. It tracks candidate interest and engagement to score candidates while built-in automation facilitates highly targeted and personalized communications. These data points include clicks on the career site to track how engaged candidates are with which roles and more.

Paradox Animated Assessments

Animated Assessments simplifies the assessment process by making it mobile, removing the words and using animated images and a race/gender neutral character to shepherd candidates through the process. The solution aims to increase engagement and reduce drop off.

Talview Interview Insights

Talview Interview Insights monitors interview conversations and behaviors to assess both the candidate and interviewer. Using AI, Interview Insights provides a summary of the interview and supports hiring managers with tools and resources based on the interview. The tool looks for D&I bias, lack of compliance, talk ratios and assesses interview questions for relevance.

Plum Leadership Potential

Plum Leadership Potential aims to remove bias and identify more potential leaders earlier in their career with a single assessment. Plum’s proprietary predictive science is all about finding more internal leaders with less potential D&I bias in a simple, easy to use way.

Gloat Workforce Intelligence

Gloat Workforce Intelligence ties together multiple, disparate data sources into a platform for identifying, accessing and planning for skills within an organization. The solution analyzes existing skill sets, combines them with market data and presents them in a way that identifies gaps, allows for future planning. This all comes with actionable insights for leaders along the way.


Last year’s runner up in the HR Technology Conference “Pitch Fest” is one of this year’s  2022 Top HR Product Winners. Compa puts the power of salary data in the hands of recruiters as they prepare offers for approval. Compa combines salary guidelines with external competitive data to help talent acquisition prepare offers that get internally approved and accepted by candidates.

Congratulations to all the 2022 Top HR Product winners! As a winner last year, Survale knows just how important this award is for validating great HR technologies. And of course, all these solutions can be optimized by gathering automatic, real time feedback from talent using Survale.

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