Survale Announces New SurvaleStartTM Anti Ghosting Module

Survale announces SurvaleStart at HR Tech

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New SurvaleStart post-hire / pre-start module engages new-hires to answer the questions “why aren’t new hires showing up and how can we fix that?”

SAN FRANCISCO CA September 28, 2021 – Top HR Product winning Talent Feedback Platform provider Survale announces SurvaleStart, a new module to their solution for optimizing talent facing people, processes and technologies. 

SurvaleStart engages new hires between “Offer Accepted” and their first day of work, gathering crucial intelligence and helping ensure they show up on day one, comfortable and motivated. After candidates are statused as “Offer Accepted” in the ATS, Survale start automatically initiates a timed sequence of messages and feedback requests for new hires to ensure they are engaged and receiving the information and materials they need to be successful. 

Survale announces SurvaleStart anti-ghosting module“In our work with clients we see that the greatest pain right now is attrition between Offer Accepted and the first few days of employment,” said Jason Moreau, Co-Founder and CEO of Survale. “We designed SurvaleStart to keep candidates engaged during this time, and to show exactly why some new hires disappear and some follow through and thrive.”

SurvaleStart experiential feedback is then combined in Survale’s analytics dashboard with operational data about the job, recruiter, manager, location and more, to diagnose problems that stand between the new hire and a successful onboarding.

SurvaleStart intelligence can be combined with the organization’s other automatic intelligence about candidate experience, quality of hire, onboarding, employer brand and employee experience to uncover correlations previously unavailable to talent leadership.

SurvaleStart is currently available for clients and prospective clients

About Survale 

Survale’s award winning Talent Feedback Platform provides employers with an “Always On” solution for automatically gathering, analyzing and acting upon experiential data from candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and employees at each stage of the hiring process and throughout the talent lifecycle. Survale ties feedback to key recruiting interactions and operational data at each step of the hiring process, prescriptively pinpointing potential problem areas, and tracking trends in recruiting KPIs. This provides recruiting leadership with unprecedented insights into their recruitment operations and quality of hire, allowing them to optimize and align their people and processes around common metrics. For more information, visit:

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