Survale Client Dent Wizard Praises Virtual Candidate Experience Feedback in Repairer Driven News

Dent Wizard article praises Survale's virtual candidate experience feedback

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One of the pioneers of modern virtual candidate experience feedback has to be Tony Suzda with Survale client, Dent Wizard. As one of Survale’s early adopters, Suzda and Dent Wizard have used Survale to gather candidate feedback and use it to increase candidate satisfaction and optimize all their talent acquisition processes.

Dent Wizard article praises Survale's virtual candidate experience feedbackA recent Repairer Driven News article details Dent Wizard’s approach to automating and refining their virtual candidate experience using candidate feedback. It’s a project that started years ago, but RDN shines a light on how this approach has been a huge advantage as Dent Wizard adapts to all the recruiting changes necessitated by the current Covid-19 pandemic.

We told Dent Wizard’s early adoption story in a Survale Case Study here. The RDN article picks up many months later and through the lens of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent changes that have rocked recruiting organizations worldwide.

RDN retells Suzda and Dent Wizard’s journey so far, pointing out that “Before the extraordinary COVID-19 economic situation altered the company’s workforce needs, the reconditioning and paintless dent repair brand had defied the auto body world’s tech shortage,”….reducing time-to-hire significantly and hiring 1200 employees in the previous year.

“Dent Wizard succeeded in hiring amid a time of low unemployment by adopting a new technology platform and a structure aimed at capturing candidates, understanding them and moving them through the process, according to senior manager of talent acquisition and talent strategy Tony Suzda.”

The article is a great overview of how candidate experience and recruiting technology can be leveraged to optimize recruiting for periods of low unemployment and talent scarcity. It also recognizes that these same technologies and processes can be utilized to navigate the kinds of massive change brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can access the article on the RDN site here.

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