SurvaleTM and AMS® Advisory Team Up to Deliver Data Driven Recruiting Experiences and a Free WhitePaper

Survale and AMS Advisory team up for data driven candidate experiences

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Survale’s many clients have benefited from the kind of data driven recruiting experiences only Survale can deliver. As early adopters, some clients  know exactly what they want to measure and when they should be measuring it. 

But modern talent acquisition processes are distributed across many departments, vendors, and technologies, with stakeholders both within and outside of TA. The possibilities for what to measure and when are different for each organization. Many current and prospective clients could benefit from help in empirically establishing exactly what kinds of experiences they are trying to deliver, and which specific data and metrics they will need to ensure these experiences are indeed being delivered in a way that results in better hiring outcomes.

Strategic Services for Data Driven Recruiting Experiences

That’s what makes the Survale AMS Talent Advisory partnership so exciting. Now current and future clients can take advantage of AMS’s deep understanding talent acquisition strategies and tactics as they embark on their journey toward delivering a consistent, data driven recruiting experience. 

Data driven candidate experience lifecycle listening whitepaperAMS has developed a range of strategic services specifically around Survale’s Talent Feedback and Analytics Platform. At the core of these services, AMS leads organizations through the process of identifying the types of experiences they intend to deliver for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers at key stages of the talent acquisition process. These stages can include pre-applicant candidate research, applications, phone screens, interviews, offers, pre-boarding and onboarding.

AMS can then map these desired experiences into survey questions and metrics within Survale’s fully automated surveys and prescriptive dashboards. This ensures TA teams can track outcomes against these goals, build on successes and optimize any issues with the specific people, processes and technologies involved in delivering irresistible data driven recruiting experiences.

Survale’s unique platform integrates with an organization’s ATS to automatically gather feedback from candidates, recruiters and hiring managers at key stages of the hiring process. Survale’s analytics monitor this feedback and present the data within multiple configurable dashboards, identifying what’s going well and what needs improvement within the hiring process. Survale’s insights can pinpoint issues down to the specific job, location, hiring manager, candidate EEO status and more. This real time data enables organizations to deliver consistent, data driven recruiting experiences to every candidate.

Survale’s technology, combined with AMS Talent Advisory’s expertise and long history of delivering strategic recruiting services, makes for a powerful combination. The partnership adds another dimension to Survale’s long standing partnership with AMS RPO services.

Talent Lifecycle Listening Whitepaper

AMS and Survale have collaborated on a new whitepaper called “Talent Lifecycle Listening –

You can’t improve what you can’t measure.” It explores how talent lifecycle measurement technologies are evolving, how to measure talent experiences at different stages of the talent lifecycle and it provides four steps to get you started.

Talent Lifecycle Listening – You can’t improve what you can’t measure” is available for free download here.

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