Candidate Experience Case Study: Feedback Turns Candidates Around for Kimball Midwest

Candidate experience case study Kimball Midwest

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Kimball Midwest is a Survale client, as well as a quarter billion-dollar force in the industrial maintenance sector with a great story tell in a brand new candidate experience case study.

When the Company was considering ways to increase their sales hiring capabilities, the Sales Recruiting Department identified candidate experience as an untapped opportunity to improve hiring results.

Sales Recruiting Project Supervisor Katie Moore learned of Survale’s candidate feedback and analytics platform and after a short evaluation period Kimball Midwest engaged Survale and was up and running with an “always on,” automated process for gathering feedback from pre-applicant candidates as they navigate Kimball Midwest’s career site. Unlike “one-off” survey tools with no ongoing collection and limited analytics, Survale offered a “set it and forget it” option for feedback collection and constantly updated metrics for optimizing recruiting results.

“Because the feedback collection was automated and purpose-built for candidate experience, Survale was just a perfect solution for what we wanted to do.” – Katie Moore, Kimball Midwest

Candidate Experience Case Study About The Value of Collecting Feedback

Candidate experience case study Kimball MidwestThe Kimball Midwest / Survale case study outlines several early wins with regard to increasing candidate experience including:

  • Survale provided clear justification for enhancements to the Kimball Midwest apply process
  • Survale data supported the need for increased frequency and consistency of communication by recruiters, hiring managers and candidates alike.
  • Survale’s feedback process for candidates who had declined offers actually turned multiple, high level hiring losses into wins by demonstrating a commitment to candidates.

These stunning results all occurred within the first few months of an implementation that had only begun to tap Survale’s full capabilities. Some of the value came from feedback data collected through Survale’s automated feedback process. This data is always up to date for Kimball Midwest in Survales multiple dashboards, and is crucial in helping to justify important programs to improve candidate experience.

But the most striking result was Kimball Midwest and Survale’s ability to reverse declined offers by simply asking why the offer was declined. In each case, the candidate was so taken by Kimball Midwest’s honesty and transparency that they “took another look” and changed their mind.

For a free copy of the Kimball Midwest case study, click here. For more information about Survale, take a look at this self-running demo.

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