Candidate Experience Benchmarking vs. Management

Does your CEO understand employee experience?

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Candidate Experience Benchmarking vs. Management

When it comes to candidate experience benchmarking, theTalent Board’s CandE Research Program is the Gold Standard. In fact, they use Survale to conduct their research and present it to participants.

Despite this connection, Survale goes beyond benchmarking. It’s really about continuous candidate experience management. Survale provides real time candidate feedback data that organizations can act on every day to change hiring outcomes, optimize recruiting operations, engage and align hiring managers, measure quality of hire, optimize onboarding and minimize year one attrition, increase Glassdoor ratings, gather referrals and much, much more. And it all happens in real time, automatically, as recruiters move job seekers through hiring stages in their ATS.

And yes, Survale maps candidate satisfaction ratings back to the Talent Board’s benchmark data so you get the best of both worlds! Benchmarking data and continuous feedback to diagnose issues within talent acquisition.

The Same, But Different

Does your CEO understand employee experience?So sometimes it can be confusing for those who participate in the CandE program. If your organization is smart enough to participate, you will log into Survale to access all that amazing Talent Board feedback data for YOUR organization. You have access to a limited version of Survale’s analytics through which you will see the results from candidates who responded to your CandE survey.

But that’s where it ends. More than a point-in-time benchmark of past candidate experience, the full version of Survale provides automatic, ongoing, real time feedback on:

  • What’s working and what’s not with your career site and applications
  • Hiring manager performance in interviews
  • Reasons for declined offers
  • Onboarding effectiveness
  • Recruiter performance from hiring managers
  • First year employee performance (on through to exit interview!)

All this feedback goes beyond understanding how your candidate experience stacks up to your peer companies (candidate experience benchmarking). It gives you the kind of constant data that organizations use to optimize their recruiting processes, their hiring tools and their recruiting teams.

Unlike third party, point-in-time benchmarking, Survale lets you drill down to the exact job req generating candidate confusion. Or the exact hiring manager who may need training on interviewing. Or the exact candidate who turned down an offer – TODAY as opposed to six months ago. This is candidate experience management. This is recruitment operations.

Candidate Experience Management or Benchmarking?

Both! The CandE Award program has to be the best value in recruiting research today. Nowhere else can you get such important benchmarking information about your candidates at such an easily digestible cost. Their data is gold standard, after all.

And winning a CandE  award shows your candidates that you care about their experience. In fact, CandE participation is bundled in free with Survale licenses (but importantly, not vice versa). The whole CandE program can also introduce you to a supportive network of colleagues around the world who are just as passionate about ensuring great candidate experiences as you are.

But at the same time, candidate experience benchmarking is a far cry from candidate experience management.

Automated, real time candidate, hiring manager and recruiter feedback increases candidate satisfaction, uncovers roadblocks in your recruiting and onboarding processes, amplifies your employer brand, and ensures organizations know exactly what’s happening with talent acquisition at all times.

Candidate experience management allows recruiting leaders to stop guessing why candidates fall out of the process. They know. No more guessing whether new hires are onboarded correctly. No more guessing whether comp is correct for a given position. No more guessing whether hiring managers are being properly supported by recruiting, or whether interviews are being conducted properly. Guessing is replaced with knowing, combined with compelling data to support this knowledge.

The Covid-19 crisis is a sobering case study in the value of real time candidate experience management. Talent pools growing and morphing overnight. Recruiters and hiring managers conducting hiring processes remotely. Video interviews expanded and often hastily implemented. Most organizations are flying by the seat of their pants.

If there is ever a time where candidate experience management is fundamental to the health of the entire enterprise, it’s now. For more information about Survale’s Talent Feedback Platform, click here.

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