2019 Recruiting Trend Predictions: Recruiting Feedback-Driven Hiring

2019 recruiting feedback driven hiring trends

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So every year we see a crop of recruiting trend predictions coming from everywhere. Most are self-serving and this article is no different. The rise of recruiting feedback driven culture looms so large on the recruiting horizon that I can’t ignore the prediction, even though I am co-founder of the platform that is in large part enabling this trend.

While it may be self-serving to predict that 2019 will be an inflection point for recruiting feedback-driven culture, I forward the prediction from a unique perspective. We see a lot of companies engaging us to use real-time feedback to optimize hiring. And I dare say that if you are not well on your way toward cementing your strategies in this regard, you will be playing catch up.

Companies like Exelon, CVS, CDW, Dent Wizard and dozens of others have their strategies in place and have the benefit of Survale’s uniquely enabling technology to drive feedback at each stage of the recruiting lifecycle.

This 2019 recruiting trend is currently a swell, but is quickly becoming a wave.

Recruiting Feedback – Why Wouldn’t You?

What the headline says! If you could get candidate, recruiter and hiring manager feedback intelligently channeled to you with analytics and enlightening comments automatically running in the background, delivered to your dashboard daily – why wouldn’t you?

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of feedback to:

  • Uncover inefficiencies and brand issues on your career site and applications
  • Hold hiring managers accountable for interview performance
  • Optimize recruiting services by understanding hiring manager needs
  • Find real insights into choke points in your hiring process
  • Catch hiring process mistakes that can be fixed in real time to save valuable hires
  • Understand why candidates accept or decline offers so you can increase the acceptance rate
  • Keep bad candidate experience issues in-house and off of Glassdoor
  • Justify recruiting investment proposals with hard objective and subjective data

From Customer Experience to Candidate Experience

2019 recruiting feedback driven hiring trendsIt’s no secret that top organizations have seen huge benefits from implementing constant feedback systems for customer experience. The template is there. I should mention that SAP snagged Qualtrics for $8B at the end of last year. That’s how valuable this capability is to the enterprise.

I’m not talking about the periodic surveys that go out to past candidates. I am talking about programtized, automated surveys distributed to all hiring constituents each time a candidate moved from one stage to another in your ATS.

Survale more than doubled in size last year, adding a murderer’s row of cutting-edge employers to our client list.  And we’ve been privy to impressive strategies from our clients who could not have developed these approaches without Survale’s game-changing platform.

For example, Survale clients can tell you:

  • How much revenue is generated through positive candidate experience and subsequent purchasing behavior
  • How many declined offers have been turned around due to candidate feedback
  • Which hiring managers need training and the exact degree to which hiring manager performance affects hiring results
  • Which candidate attributes map most closely to particular jobs

Two of the biggest short term benefits that just about all clients have realized – immediately?

Just asking candidates for their feedback is a huge boost to a company’s employer brand. Candidates love it and they are more engaged and go farther in the process as a result.

Executive teams’ pocket books open up when they see investment proposals that have clear and hard data from Survale to back them up. Feedback strategies enabled by Survale inevitably raise the strategic profile of recruiting organizations as they demonstrate the kind of data driven strategies that are possible as a result of constant feedback.

So book it! Lock it down! Big trend in 2019? Recruiting feedback-driven hiring. Again, since Survale has innovated so profoundly to deliver a uniquely enabling platform, why wouldn’t you?

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