Webinar Replay: Candidate Experience Maturity Model

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Before you jumped to the webinar below, keep in mind that great candidate experiences translate into better hiring outcomes. Organizations that strongly focus on candidate experience achieve 70% higher quality of hire. Their offers are 50% more likely to be accepted. Their new employees are 38% more engaged and they enjoy a 30% higher retention rate. These organizations receive twice as many referrals and 68% of their new hires share these positive experiences with their networks.

The practice of gathering experience feedback from candidates has been slowly growing in momentum for a number of years. From its crude beginnings of manually sent periodic candidate satisfaction surveys, to today where continual feedback drives stellar candidate experiences, the discipline has evolved. Candidate experience feedback has become an indispensable tool for managing the entire recruiting process. Data and analytics enable organizations to actively track, manage and consistently deliver the kind of experiences they want candidates to enjoy. It is against this background that Survale has put together a maturity model for data driven candidate experience management. And the above webinar replay provides an overview of the full maturity model.

Through interviews with hundreds of client organizations and those who serve them through the adoption and lifecycle experiences implementing data driven experiences, the four stage model presented in the above webinar was constructed to guide organizations in how to best incorporate feedback into their talent acquisition process in order to get the most value.

It provides a roadmap for organizations interested in reaping these game changing benefits by actively managing the candidate experiences. The model provide increasing value, building towards a fully automated, data driven candidate experience management that touches every aspect of hiring success.

This webinar only provides an overview of the Data Driven Candidate Experience Maturity Model whitepaper. To download the full model, click here. We also invite you to explore the companion whitepaper, Candidate Experience Return on Investment which can be downloaded here.

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Webinar Replay: Candidate Experience Maturity Model

Before you jumped to the webinar below, keep in mind that great candidate experiences translate into better hiring outcomes. Organizations…

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