Survale Client Explains What is Recruitment Operations on RecruitingLive! Podcast With William Tincup

Recruitment Operations Podcast

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Epicor’s Global Recruiting Operations Analyst, Nicole Keller, recently sat down to talk about exactly what is recruitment operations with Recruiting Daily President, William Tincup.

The title of the podcasts is “Using Experiential Data to Optimize Recruitment Operations” and it’s a great peak behind the curtains into how one organization has established and maintains a recruitment operations function within their recruiting department.

Recruitment Operations PodcastKeller used Survale’s Candidate Feedback Platform to integrate candidate experience into their recruiting metrics. As Keller and Tincup discuss, it was one of the first technology acquisitions made by Epicor as they established the operations function.

What is Recruitment Operations

Recruitment operations is a discipline that focuses on process, technology and people to optimize the recruiting function. It’s a relatively new discipline within recruiting departments and many organizations have recently adopted, or are considering adopting, this kind of function.

Keller and Tuncup discuss the origins of an operational focus within Epicor. As Keller recounts, it all started with a listening tour where she talked to the key stakeholders within recruiting to understand their functions, the process, what’s working, what’s not, etc.. While the initial quantitative focus was on the tried and true recruiting metrics like time to fill, time to hire, attrition, etc., it quickly became clear that they needed to understand their processes from the candidate’s point of view. 

Operationalizing Candidate Experience

The podcast is a manageable 30 minutes and is well worth the listen if your organization has an eye towards recruitment operations. With this podcast, and our previously published Epicor Case Study, it becomes clear that Epicor has essentially operationalized candidate experience.

Many organizations go to great lengths to improve candidate experience. To win candidate experience awards. To try and make sure candidates connect with their employer brand and have satisfactory experiences. It’s a great strategy and, if executed properly, this candidate experience focus can make hiring best fit candidates easier.

But a growing number of organizations, like Epicor, are operationalizing candidate experience. They are gathering experiential data at every key stage or transaction in the recruiting process and using that feedback and those metrics to run their recruiting departments.

Survale is a uniquely enabling technology for this approach because it integrates with the ATS and automatically gathers feedback in the background as candidates move through the process. The resulting analytics and AI-processed comments are tied directly to hiring stages and key operational recruiting data (like job, source, hiring manager, etc.) and act as both a diagnostic tool to understand strengths and weakness as well a monitoring tool providing real time metrics for recruiting KPIs.

You see the difference, right?

You can make educated guesses about what makes a good candidate experience and hunt for evidence that your efforts are making a difference within periodic surveys and standard ATS reports. Or you can build a common set of candidate experience KPIs into your operations and use the ongoing feedback data to optimize the experience, ensure that everyone is on the same page and bake candidate experience into your operations.

To hear the podcast click here, or find it on your favorite podcast application. 

To learn more about other organizations who are operationalizing candidate experience and optimizing the entire recruiting process using experiential data, click here.

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