Survale and CandE Benchmark Research Program Renew Partnership for 2024

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Survale continues its role as data platform and major sponsor as the CandE program transitions from the Talent Board to ERE Media

SAN FRANCISCO, CA January 29, 2024 – Top HR Product Award winning talent feedback platform provider, Survale, announced today that it has renewed its partnership with the CandE Benchmark Research Program for 2024. Survale is also returning as a Premium Sponsor for the program as well.

As Data Platform Partner, Survale provides a lite version of its recruiting feedback platform technology to the CandE benchmark program to create candidate experience surveys and leverage its analytics in analyzing results and providing them to program participants. Survale has been the Data Platform Partner for the CandE program since 2017 when the program was administered through the Talent Board.

The CandE Benchmark Research Program is the only global candidate experience benchmark research program built for recruiting and hiring leaders and their teams. It provides everything they need to send a survey to their past candidates securely and anonymously and then have access to all of their candidate responses and benchmark against the CandE global aggregate data.

As of 2024, the CandE Benchmark Research Program is administered by ERE Media who will continue the program virtually unchanged.

“As the leading feedback platform for providing data driven candidate experiences at scale, Survale obviously supports the work that the benchmark program does,” said Jason Moreau, CEO of Survale. “The benchmarks that the CandE program provides are industry standards and we are proud to include them in our platform as well.”

“Since 2017, Survale has been our trusted primary survey and data platform partner, keeping our candidate experience survey research secure and anonymous for both employers and candidates ,” said Kevin Grossman, VP of Research at ERE. “The CandE Benchmark Research provides organizations with an annual high-level overview of their candidate experience from pre-application to onboarding to help them understand the macro-impact on their business and their brand, and we’re grateful to continue to partner with Survale.”

Survale’s ability to automatically gather real time feedback from candidates and tie problems back to an organization’s specific people, processes and technologies makes it a perfect pathway for CandE participants to go from benchmarking candidate experience to actively managing all their recruiting experiences year round.

To learn more about Survale, click here. To learn more about the 2024 CandE Benchmark Research Program, click here.

About Survale

Survale’s award winning Talent Feedback Platform provides employers with an “Always On” solution for automatically gathering, analyzing and acting upon experiential data from candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and employees at each stage of the hiring process and throughout the talent lifecycle. Survale ties feedback to key recruiting interactions and operational data at each step of the hiring process, prescriptively pinpointing potential problem areas, and tracking trends in recruiting KPIs. This provides recruiting leadership with unprecedented insights into their recruitment operations and quality of hire, allowing them to optimize and align their people, processes and technologies to deliver world class talent experiences. For more information, visit:

About The CandE Benchmark Research Program

The Candidate Experience (CandE) Benchmark Research and Awards Program is the first program of its kind focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience. Also known as The CandEs, the program was founded by Talent Board in 2011 and is now part of ERE Media. The CandE Benchmark Research Program delivers annual recruiting and hiring industry benchmark research that highlights accountability, fairness and the business impact of candidate experience. More information can be found at

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