Meet Survale’s Latest Partner HappyDance

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Survale’s partner ecosystem provides our clients with high quality services and technologies that can enhance Survales value or vice versa. Our newest partner is no exception. HappyDance, a Ph.Creative company provides beautifully designed, high performing careers sites that put client and candidate experience first. What sets them apart is the wealth of Employer Brand expertise they can draw on to bring a brands Employee Value Proposition to life; their intuitive content management system (CMS) providing complete freedom and control to clients from activation, built-in cutting-edge AI technology applied with humanity, and aftercare support that feels like a partnership. Their goal is to simplify talent attraction, making it intuitive and impactful on a global scale.

HappyDance’s premium feature Sourcing CoPilot can connect you with up to 70% of your anonymous careers site visitors and straight into your CRM. So you can spend less, to get the right candidates to apply for your open roles, faster. Read their case studies to find out more or read what their customers have to say about them: click here.

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