Employer Brand: How do you Measure?

Employer brand experience needs to be measured

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Employer brand is a hot topic in today’s hiring environment.  Developing and amplifying your employer brand used to be a small component of a recruiting strategy.  Lately, driven by increasing talent shortages and competition for specialized skills, employer branding is taking center stage as a key component of a strategy that aims for a sustained, proactive advantage in meeting hiring demand within an organization.

Employer brand experience needs to be measuredProperly identifying and amplifying your employer brand is a foundational recruiting strategy.  That is, it ripples through all aspects of your recruiting efforts, increasing the effectiveness of each facet.

An employer brand that ripples through the career site through targeted content and job descriptions to a consumer quality apply process will increase the conversion rate from traffic to applicant.  As that brand is amplified in the communication and interview process, the ability to hire the desired candidates improves, and so on.

So you’ve developed a solid employer brand and have taken at least initial steps to leverage it in your hiring process.  But how are you ensuring that it is working? How do you know whether there is alignment between what you’ve identified as your brand and what employees and potential employees think of your brand?

Progressive organizations have invested huge amounts of time and money in developing and amplifying their employer brand but few have solid metrics in place to measure what they have developed and optimize the impact of their brand.

A brand is a living thing, based not on what is conveyed, but on what is experienced.  So in order to truly harness the power of your employer brand, you need to monitor and measure what is being experienced by your employees, potential employees and your current candidates.

Are you a fast, high tech company that places a high value on cutting edge work and fosters a close community with employees?  Is that the daily experience of your employees? Do candidates who interact online with your career site experience this?  How about the candidates that have interviewed with hiring managers? Are their any breaks in the chain of employee or candidate experience that weaken that brand proposition? Or even worse, call the brand proposition into question?

Most companies have no idea.

That’s where new tools like Survale come in. Survale provides organizations with a constant pulse on how your employer brand is perceived by job seekers and employees alike.  Survale gives voice to consumers of your employer brand and puts that voice to work enhancing the candidate experience and driving measurable improvements to both brand and hiring processes.

For more information about Survale, check out this video overview or request more information. Monitoring and acting on intelligence that can strengthen your brand and improve hiring results can change the way you hire and put you way out in front of your competitors.

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