Survale Lite CandE Award Survey Edition
vs. Survale Enterprise

The full Enterprise version of Survale goes WAY beyond the base Lite version used for the  CandE Award Survey. The full version of Survale automatically gathers feedback in real time as candidates complete key steps in your hiring process. And Survale analyzes your candidate journey using data from your ATS so you can track candidate experience issues down to the department, hiring manager, recruiter, job, and more. And you can use Survale’s real time data to optimize every phase of your hiring process – even save specific candidates. Just take a look at the long list of benefits available by upgrading to Survale Enterprise and putting excellent candidate experience at the core of your hiring processes.

Survale LITE - CandE Base Edition
Why It's Important
View CandE Award Survey Benchmark Data
Understand candidate sentiment about your hiring processes and compare them to other CandE Award Survey participants.
Intuitive Analytics with Click-through Filtering
Easily discover areas for improvement by clicking on graphical charts to drill down into greater detail and context for responses.
Quickly and Easily Mine Candidate Comments for Insights
Quickly uncover powerful insights using built-in intelligence to hone in on specific free-text comments most relevant to improving candidate experience.
Analyze comments by location, department, candidate source, hiring manager, recruiter, and much more
Tie the who, what, when, and where of your recruiting process to the candidate comments to get specific blueprints for how to improve experiences.
Get Survale Client Benchmarks
Benchmark your aggregate satisfaction against other Survale clients.
Automatically Collect Feedback at Key Hiring Stages
Feedback requests to Survale are triggered automatically as recruiters move candidates through stages in your ATS. Feedback is collected continuously in real time and it is specific to each stage for easy hiring process optimization and shorter surveys (higher response rates).
Gather Career Site Feedback
Optimize digital experience and increase applicant conversion with embedded surveys on career sites to gather feedback about employer brand, content, navigation, etc.
Monitor and Compare Diversity Experiences by EEO status
Easily see how diverse populations view your candidate experience and understand where a one-size fits all employer brand and hiring process might show bias.
Automatically Gather Free Referrals
SurvaleRefer identifies satisfied candidates and new hires as they provide feedback and gathers free colleague referrals from them as they complete the survey.
Boost Glassdoor Scores
SurvalePromote increases employer review site ratings and amplifies employer brand by identifying satisfied candidates or employees and automatically taking them to the review form on your Glassdoor page after they submit their feedback.
Reward Candidates
Increase hiring effectiveness, boost brand affinity and increase revenue by offering candidates coupon codes or gift cards as a thank you for their feedback and/or for completing your hiring process.
Reduce Candidate Ghosting
Engage candidates scheduled for interviews, as well as new hires, by automatically emailing them with information and encouragement to help ensure they show up for interviews or for their first day. Collect feedback to understand why candidates or new hires disengage.
Get a Full Toolkit for Survey Creation and Campaign Delivery
Edit provided templates or create your own surveys and campaigns with skip logic, conditional responses, personalized survey content and more.
Fully Brand Feedback Collection Forms
Reflect your unique employer brand with full-screen graphics, logos, graphical answer styles and more.
Filter Candidate Experience Results by ATS Data Fields
Analyze feedback by specific location, req, job type, source, hiring manager, recruiter, etc. to understand the who, what, where, when and why of your aggregate feedback, while preserving anonymity.
Keep Bad Experiences Off of Glassdoor
Ensure candidates direct frustration directly to the employer instead of Glassdoor, with continuous feedback collection on career sites and throughout the hiring stages.
Quickly and Easily Mine Candidate Comments for Insights
Quickly uncover powerful insights using built in intelligence to hone in on specific free-text comments most relevant to improving candidate experience.
Organize Key Metrics With Unlimited, Fully Configurable Dashboards
Organize your feedback by program, focus, audience, etc, drawing from multiple surveys in a single dashboard. KPI dashboards, cNPS dashboards, candidate journey dashboards, recruiter-specific dashboards, etc.
Prioritize Issues With Talent Impact Dashboard
Quickly and easily see what’s working and what needs improvement as Survale’s Talent Impact Dashboard automatically prioritizes areas that most impacting candidate satisfaction.
Provide Talent Acquisition Leadership With KPI Dashboards
KPI dashboards to monitor the health of your people, processes and technologies.
Share Personal Metrics With “Insight Users”
Easily provide recruiters, hiring managers, etc with read only versions of their personal candidate feedback to get all stakeholders accountable for candidate experience. Or provide high level dashboards to leadership.
Get Configurable Sentiment Alerts
Get alerts when feedback hits a specified threshold or configurable keywords appear in candidate feedback.
Control Access With Role Based Permissions
Extend access to important metrics while ensuring users only see the feedback that is relevant for them.
Standardize One Feedback Platform For All Talent Facing Feedback Programs
Enables organizations to gradually migrate disparate survey platforms into one system designed to gather, analyze and organize ALL talent feedback programs with shared metrics.
Optimize Onboarding
Reduce turnover by gathering and analyzing feedback from new hires at key moments of onboarding and throughout year one, optimizing onboarding and reducing turnover.
Monitor Automatic Quality of Hire Metrics
Survale extracts metrics about cultural fit, time to productivity, turnover, etc to automatically track quality of hire results and match them against other feedback.
Align Recruiters and Hiring Managers
Use hiring manager to recruiter feedback, along with candidate to hiring manager feedback to align and optimize hiring teams for maximum candidate satisfaction.
Optimize Employee Experience
Extend Survale beyond candidates and new hires to optimize employee facing programs by automatically gathering feedback from internal employees after key transactions like benefits enrollment, course completion, performance evaluations and more. Automatically pulse employees at regular intervals or after important company developments, etc.