Webinar: The Secret World of Hiring Managers and Recruiters

The Secret World of Hiring Managers and Recruiters

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Survale co-founders, Ian Alexander and Jason Moreau, recently talked about recruiter and hiring manager alignment at a Talent Board candidate experience conference. This 30 minute presentation explores how feedback from candidates about recruiters and hiring managers, combined with feedback from hiring managers about recruiters, and vice versa, has tremendous power to align hiring teams.

This is a use case that is in place with just about every Survale client because it gives leadership visibility into day to day alignment and inefficiencies within hiring teams and provides the basis for reviews and incentives. It also informs decisions about departmental structure and interfaces with external stakeholders like hiring managers.

The webinar focuses on typical uses of candidate feedback and then discusses the benefits of recruiter / hiring manager internal feedback. Then it provides examples of how other organizations have structured their feedback programs and the kinds of efficiencies they have gained through the approach.

Click the button below to view a recorded version of this important webinar.

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