The Phenom Interview with Jason Moreau: Talent Acquisition Surveys 

Talent Acquisition Surveys

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Talent Acquisition SurveysThe conversation went way beyond talent acquisition surveys when Jason Moreau sat down with Devin Foster on Talent Experience Live. Brought to you by Survale partner, Phenom, talent acquisition surveys were the backdrop for learning more about Moreau’s history in HR Tech and contrasting what candidates expect today vs ten years ago. 

As Co Founder and CEO of Survale, the most awarded platform for gathering and analyzing candidate experience feedback, Moreau passes on a lot of the lessons that clients have learned using the tool to provide data driven experiences at scale.

Moreau discussed how the platform integrates with the clients ATS and gathers feedback in real time after key points in the hiring process. He talked about how this integration provides Survale with enough operational data to enable it to be laser focused on just the experiences candidates are having because it already knows who they interviewed with, what job they applied for, etc. 

He outlined how the platform then brings that data to life, surfacing the top things the employer is doing well, as well as the top opportunities to make changes to optimize their people, processes and technologies.

When asked what kind of metrics those optimizations affect, Moreau explains that they show up in things like faster time to hire, better quality of hire and many of the typical KPIs that talent acquisition organizations already rely on.

Moreau talked about how one Survale client used their analytics to discover that hiring managers for a specific division in India were significantly underperforming from an interview satisfaction metrics  standpoint. This territory was twenty-five plus percent below other territories. They used the candidate feedback to pinpoint some of the reasons for the deficiency and retrained the group using Survale data and the experiences of the candidates. Within a short time, that group came right into line with the excellent metrics the rest of the organization was achieving.

Moreau goes on to talk about more client experiences, how they use the platform and the actionable insights employers gain from integrating talent acquisition surveys into hiring their processes, so the full interview is definitely worth a listen. You can find it here.

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