Survale Featured in SHRM’s HR News Article About Candidate Resentment

Candidate resentment

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Survale was featured in a recent article on HR News called “Candidate Resentment Is on the Rise.” The article focuses on a rise in candidate resentment as measured by the Talent Board’s annual Candidate Experience Research and Awards Program (CandEs).

The data seems to suggest that candidates were more understanding of less than stellar experiences during the pandemic. But worldwide, resentment has been growing over the last couple of years. While North America did see a dip in resentment last year, resentment still remains at all time highs, according to the Talent Board.

Candidate resentmentTalent Board President Kevin Grossman cites the top three reasons for candidate resentment today:

  • Recruiting processes that take too long
  • A lack of respect for candidates’ time
  • Pay less than desired


Survale’s take? Not enough organizations are actively managing candidate experience and satisfaction. Few are taking a data driven approach to candidate satisfaction, so most organizations are blind to what levels of resentment they are creating and what is driving that resentment.

The full article can be found here

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