Survale Featured as Candidate Experience Platform to Prioritize for Hiring Success

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In a recent article by Software Advice, Survale was named one of ten types of hiring tools to prioritize for augmenting your ATS to improve hiring success. As the first and leading candidate experience platform, Software Advice recognizes Survale’s “best feature is the ability to create and send out surveys to find out where and why candidates are turning sour on your organization.”

According to a Software Advice survey of 150 recruiters, 82% use a stand alone ATS to support their hiring efforts. But one in four say that their ATS is minimally or not at all effective when it comes to attracting and assessing talent, lowering cost and time per hire. While applicant tracking systems clearly form the foundation of a successful recruiting organization, they don’t do it all.

More and more organizations are adopting a strategy that leading recruiters have been developing for years: Using their ATS as the foundation, successful recruiting organizations are integrating complementary systems for sourcing, attracting and assessing talent.

Finding and Hiring the Right People is #1 Challenge

Candidate Experience Platforms Aim to Increase Hiring Success
Gartner’s Top Technology Trends Survey Top SMB Challenges

As it turns out, finding and hiring the right people is the number one challenge faced by small to medium sized businesses, according to Gartner’s Top Technology Trends Survey. Not great news for those SMB’s who are primarily reliant on their ATS to overcome this challenge.

As the balance of power has turned toward candidates over the last several years, the industry is finally embracing the concept that the better they treat candidates, the better their business and hiring outcomes will be.

According to the Talent Board’s 2017 Candidate Experience Report, “on average 41 percent of global candidates who believe they have had a “negative” overall one-star job seeker experience (based on a 1-5 Likert Scale rating) say they will take their alliance, product purchases and relationship somewhere else.” On the flip side, 64% of those who receive a positive overall experience are likely to increase their affinity and expand their relationship with that organization.

Depending on how organizations handle their candidate experience efforts, they can expect dramatically more, or significantly fewer, referrals and repeat applications.

Candidate Experience Platform

Survale is a major partner with the Talent Board and is now the platform that powers the CandE research and award program, which is an annual project that surveys hundreds of thousands of candidates for hundreds of participating organizations..

For employers, Survale provides an automatic, “always on” solution for continuous candidate engagement throughout the hiring lifecycle, rather than a periodic survey. From initial career site visit, to phone screen, to interview, offer letter, onboarding and beyond, Survale automatically gathers feedback from candidates, recruiters and hiring managers to give organizations a constant pulse on what’s working and what’s not with their candidate satisfaction and hiring process overall.

Not only do you have up to the minute data on your hiring effectiveness, but the act of asking candidates how they feel throughout the hiring process let’s candidates know you care. And in a world where most candidates receive little to no communication before and after applying for a job, Survale’s continuous engagement represents a huge leg up for your organizations hiring success.

For more information about Software Advice’s 10 Types of Tools for Recruitment and Selection to Integrate With Your ATS, click here. To learn more about Survale’s Candidate Experience Platform, click here.

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