Survale CEO Jason Moreau Named Influential Talent Acquisition Thought Leader

Jason Moreau talent acquisition thought leader

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Co-founder of the Survale Talent Feedback Platform named talent acquisition thought leader for his work championing excellence in candidate experience

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (March 22 , 2022) – Award winning talent feedback platform, Survale, announced co-founder and CEO, Jason Moreau was named as one of the 100 Most Influential talent acquisition thought leaders by The Association of Talent Acquisition Solutions.

The talent acquisition thought leader program celebrates those men and women who are truly setting the agenda for innovation and understanding in talent acquisition strategy and management and talent technology. Each, in their own way, is making an important contribution to such mission-critical areas as improving the effectiveness and efficiency of recruiting operations, forging productive and mutually beneficial relationships with hiring managers, identifying and implementing state-of-the-art talent acquisition tools, educating corporate leaders on the essential business role played by talent acquisition and to continuously optimizing the candidate experience.

Jason Moreau talent acquisition influencerMoreau founded and later sold his previous applicant tracking company, Cytiva (SonicRecruit, SonicOnboard and SonicPerform) to Taleo in 2011 and subsequently co-founded Survale in 2016. Moreau has brought that deep knowledge of talent acquisition technology and practice to Survale and helped develop the leading solution for boosting candidate satisfaction and optimizing recruitment operations through feedback-based recruiting analytics.

In addition to leading Survale, Moreau speaks regularly at events detailing best practices for candidate experience management, most notably with the Talent Board through their CandE Award candidate experience research and award program where he also serves on the CandE Advisory Board. As founder and moderator of the LinkedIn Group Candidate Experience Affecting Quality of Hire, Moreau brings together thousands of talent acquisition professionals around the topic of mastering candidate experience.

“I am honored to be recognized as a top talent acquisition thought leader,” said Moreau. “My hope is that the recognition can help bring visibility to the important work of understanding and improving the way organizations serve candidates and improve hiring outcomes.”

TAtech nominees were solicited from both employers and industry, getting nominations from individuals and organizations. The full list can be found here.

About Survale

An HR Executive Magazine Top HR Product, Survale’s Talent Feedback Platform provides employers with an “Always On” solution for automatically gathering, analyzing and acting upon experiential data from candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and employees at each stage of the hiring process and throughout the talent lifecycle. Survale ties feedback to key talent interactions and operational data at each step of the hiring process, prescriptively pinpointing potential problem areas, and tracking trends through talent experience KPIs. This provides HR leadership with unprecedented insights into their talent facing programs, allowing them to optimize and align their people, processes and technologies around common metrics. For more information, visit:

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