Survale CEO Jason Moreau on the Growing Your Business With People Talent Acquisition Podcast

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Survale CEO Jason Moreau appeared on Growing Your Business with People, a talent acquisition podcast hosted by long time talent acquisition executive, and founder of JKL Advisors, Jeff Lackey.

Lackey and Moreau first met when Lackey was Vice President of Talent Acquisition for Survale client, CVS Health. Survale’s talent feedback platform provides CVS with insights into their candidate experience and its effect on the hiring outcomes. 

Talent acquisition podcastThe two had a spirited discussion all about, you guessed it, candidate experience. 

The pair discuss the importance of the candidate journey from a holistic perspective. The important moments along the way that make a huge difference in hiring outcomes. Moreau discusses the journey from first “hello” on the career site to a successfully onboarded employee.

Lackey points out that “CEOs should apply for a job at their companies.” The fact is that simple technical details, like requiring candidates to establish an account before applying for a job, can reduce application rates by as much as 80%. For this reason, Lackey advises that running blind on candidate experience is one of the most dangerous things a CEO can do. 

He also points out that tracking feedback can result in huge gains, recalling a previous experience where he learned that background checks and Social Security Number verification  was adding seven days to the hiring process. That kind of delay resulted in “real money flying out the door,” according to Lackey.

But all candidate experience discoveries aren’t negative. Moreau tells a story of a client who used talent feedback to discover a superstar recruiter. Through the use of Survale’s Talent Impact Dashboard, this client found that when a certain recruiter handled phone interviews, their Candidate Net Promoter Score (cNPS) went from +10 to a +100! 

The two agreed that this kind of data can be as important as data showing problems in the hiring process. The client knew they had a great recruiter, but the formal tracking and analysis showed just HOW valuable that person’s approach was. From there they could understand what they were doing differently and align other recruiters around their star’s best practice.

And that’s just the first half of the podcast! The entire show is available below. And if you like highly useful talent acquisition podcasts, we highly recommend subscribing to Growing Your Business With People on Youtube.

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