Survale Releases New “Data Driven Candidate Experience Maturity Model” White Paper

Candidate Experience Maturity Model

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We are very excited to announce the formal release of a project we have been working on for several months: Survale’s new Data Driven Candidate Experience Maturity Model White Paper. Over the years Survale has worked with hundreds of organizations utilizing our recruiting feedback platform to better understand their candidate experience and to optimize their talent acquisition people, processes and technologies.

As is often the case with strategy/technology adoption, the progression from limited capability to full capability takes time. And in our case, we found ourselves supporting multiple clients who each used a portion of Survale’s capabilities to address limited, but expanding use cases. However, few put it all together to realize the benefits of delivering data driven experiences at scale across all their people, processes and technologies.

Some use Survale in limited ways to simply understand and improve candidate NPS. Others  go further and weave employer brand optimization into every facet of their experience management. While others monitor their candidate-facing technologies to ensure they are actually delivering value and are properly configured to provide the best experiences to both candidates and recruiters. Others gather hiring manager to recruiter feedback and recruiter to hiring manager feedback and combine it with candidate feedback to align their people and manage performance. And most use some combination of these capabilities and more. 

So we built this framework for clients and non-clients to show the full landscape of what is possible not only with a robust feedback platform but with improvements to candidate experience overall. From there we identify the capabilities required to achieve data driven recruiting experiences into discrete capabilities. We detail the corresponding outputs and benefits of these capabilities and organize them into logical maturity levels and lay out the pros and cons of achieving each level.

Candidate experience management platformThe Candidate Experience Maturity Model white paper illustrates how recruiting feedback has become an indispensable tool for managing not just candidate satisfaction, but for managing the entire hiring process. Talent acquisition departments are notoriously hampered by having to utilize people, processes and technologies that are both within their control and quite often out of their control and, frankly, invisible to them. In other words blind spots like career site experience, chatbot experience, sourcing experience, interview experience, assessment experience, scheduling experience and more. 

The data and analytics derived from experiential feedback enable organizations to actively track, manage and consistently deliver the kind of experiences they want candidates, talent acquisition teams and hiring managers to enjoy.

And providing positive candidate experience has clearly been demonstrated to be a key to better hiring outcomes. A Brandon Hall Group study found that organizations that prioritize candidate experience have a better quality of hire, with a 70% increase in the likelihood of hiring a top-quality candidate. IBM found that candidates who had a positive experience during the hiring process were 38% more likely to accept a job offer. And Job Seeker Nation reports that 56% of workers would share a positive experience applying for a job with an organization publicly or with their personal or professional network.

“The Data Driven Candidate Experience Maturity Model” is available as a complimentary download at, along with Survale’s recent “Candidate Experience ROI” White Paper. These two reports work together to show the value of great recruiting experiences and provide clear strategies to achieve it. We are confident that you will find it extremely valuable.

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Survale Releases New “Data Driven Candidate Experience Maturity Model” White Paper

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