Use Survale's embedded surveys, web analytics and automated follow up campaigns to measure candidate satisfaction before and after applying, optimize your careers site and and employment application and track candidate experience from search to interview and beyond.
Get Candidate Feedback Online

Survale’s embedded surveys let you gather all kinds of feedback from candidates while they learn about your company, search jobs and apply online. From overall satisfaction to feedback on your employer brand and site features, Survale’s online surveys help you delight candidates

Track Candidate Traffic and Sources

Survale tracks mobile and tablet visitors vs. desktop visitors. It tracks the number of visits and lets you know the sources of your traffic. Want to know how many applicants you get from search traffic, job boards and more? Survale’s career site analytics makes it easy.

Monitor Application Drop Off

Find out what percentage of your applicants complete your application. Measure how long it takes to fill out each section and pinpoint where candidates drop off in the process. Use the data to optimize your application to yield the highest conversion rate.*

Send Automated Follow Up Surveys

Set up automated email campaigns to deliver follow up surveys to measure the candidate experience over the life of the requisition. Automatically measure quality of hire, recruiter follow up, hiring manager satisfaction – you name it.

Survale Gives You Everything You Need to Increase Hiring Effectiveness

Delight Candidates and Hire Better
Gather candidate feedback from job search to career site through to hire, and optimize your process to make hiring top talent a competitive advantage
Build Your Employer Brand
Find out how well your employer brand resonates with candidates. Use candidate and employee feedback to ensure your brand message is on target.
Survey Employees to Help Define Employer Brand
Get input to help define your unique Employer Value Proposition, identify key employment perks and refine your candidate messaging
Optimize Employment Applications
Determine where candidates abandon your application and adjust for maximum conversion. Measure completion rate, drop off and time to complete
Mine Candidate Comments for Enhancement Ideas
Find out what's working and what's not with your hiring process. Easily sort through candidate comments and build on strong points while improving on weaknesses
Measure Quality of Hire
Automatically gather quality of hire and manager satisfaction data for continuous analysis and improvement of your hiring processes and decisions.
*requires compatible application