How Does #MeToo Affect HR

How Does #MeToo Affect HR?

How Does #MeToo Affect HR? This is an important and delicate question that every board member, CEO and HR professional should be asking themselves in the face of a powerful movement sweeping through U.S. society today. While I can’t speak to the legal ramifications of various approaches to dealing with managing diverse workforces in a[…]

Employee Engagement Survey Report

One of the unique features of Survale’s Employer Satisfaction Platform is that it powers feedback for all talent related programs and strategies. From candidate experience to onboarding to employee engagement surveys and beyond. This Summer, we surveyed thousands of HR and recruiting professionals to get a glimpse into current candidate experience and employee engagement practices.[…]

employee engagement vs satisfaction

The Difference Between Employee Engagement and Employee Satisfaction

Employee engagement is an important factor in ensuring you are getting the most out of your workforce. Clearly, a highly engaged workforce is one that outperforms a less engaged work by nearly every measure. But what about employee satisfaction? How does employee satisfaction relate to employee engagement.? Employee satisfaction is a key foundation for greater[…]

Employee engagement strategy

Employee Engagement Strategy Should Start Early

If you’re measuring employee engagement as part of an overall employee engagement strategy, you’re on the right track. According to Gallup, companies ranking in the upper quartile in employee engagement outperformed lower quartile organizations by as much as 10% for customer satisfaction, 22% in profitability, and 21% in productivity. They enjoyed lower turnover (25% in[…]

Measure employee engagement, candidate satisfaction and more

The Employer Satisfaction Era

Employee engagement, candidate satisfaction, employer brand affinity.  These are big concerns for modern organizations.  These metrics have huge implications for your ability to hire, motivate and retain the very employees that will determine your success or failure as a business. Yet few companies have consistent, formal processes for analyzing and managing them.  A typical organization[…]

Employee Pulse Surveys

What are Employee Pulse Surveys? Get Your Finger on the Employee Pulse

We’ve all heard it before: Employees want constant feedback. Annual performance evaluations and discussions rarely boost engagement or give insight into employee pulse and often result in frustration. Performance evaluations aside, leading organizations are increasingly opting for regular feedback and employee engagement tracking to not only motivate their workforce, but to identify roadblocks to growth[…]