Candidate experience lost revenue

Negative Candidate Experience Can Lead to Lost Revenue

In our last article on candidate experience ROI, we looked at the importance of converting pre-applicant candidates to applicants. In this installment we’ll look at how negative candidate experience can lead to lost revenue. When looking at the ROI of candidate experience, lost revenue can be a huge factor for many organizations. The link between[…]

Candidate experience webinar

Candidate Experience Webinar: Cast a Wider Net

Candidate experience feedback platform, Survale, and Talent Board, originator’s of the Candidate Experience Awards Program (CandE Awards) recently presented an important candidate experience webinar called “Cast a Wider Net: Measure Candidate Experience  at Every Stage.” Hosted by Talent Board President Kevin Grossman and Survale Co-Founder and CEO Jason Moreau, the webinar was important because it[…]

Survale Candidate Experience Webinar

Survale and Talent Board to Host Webinar: “Cast a Wider Net: Measure Candidate Experience at Every Stage”

Talent Board President, Kevin Grossman and Survale CEO, Jason Moreau, will host a 30 minute webinar titled “Cast a Wider Net: Measure Candidate Experience  at Every Stage” August 24th at 10:30 AM, PT/1:30 PM ET. Most organizations focus on candidate experience for very narrow portions of the candidate lifecycle. This webinar discusses key practices for[…]

Candidate experience surveys

Get Maximum Response From Candidate Experience Surveys

When it comes to measuring candidate experience, many organizations send out periodic candidate experience surveys. They gather up their past applicants from their ATS and mail out that survey they’ve a) created themselves, either alone or using a consultant, or b) obtained from the Talent Board because they’re very astutely participating in Talent Board’s CandE[…]

Jason Moreau Talks Candidate Experience on CandE Shop Talk

Survale CEO Talks with Talent Board President Kevin Grossman about Candidate Experience

Survale CEO, Jason Moreau took time recently to sit down with Talent Board President Kevin Grossman on Grossman’s CandE’s Shop Talk Podcast. The topic was candidate experience, and it’s a topic both know a few things about. Moreau’s focus was providing great experiences throughout the candidate lifecycle. While many organizations bend over backwards for the[…]

Survale to Power Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Research Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (July 11, 2017) – Leading candidate and employee experience platform provider Survale announced today that it has partnered with Talent Board, a non-profit organization focused on the promotion and data benchmark research of a quality candidate experience, to become the new data management platform for Talent Board’s Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards and Benchmark Program The[…]