Tap into employee sentiment to measure employee engagement, send quick pulse surveys, measure service delivery satisfaction - you name it. Survale's embedded surveys, web analytics and automated follow up campaigns enable you to deliver any kind of employee engagement survey you want from regular one question pulses to full engagement campaigns.
Build Flexible Employee Surveys

Survale let’s you tailor your approach for any kind of employee survey. Multiple question types and a flexible survey builder make it easy to implement everything from annual engagement surveys to daily quick pulses and more.

Measure Attitudes Over Time

Embed your surveys in employee portals or apps and set up automated emails to deliver multiple surveys to measure responses over time. Great for employee attitude, ongoing engagement tracking and more.

Track Metrics with Custom Dashboards

Set up dashboards for different survey campaigns so you can keep track of various types of surveys separately. You pick your key metrics, add them to your dashboard, and enjoy instant access to the success metrics.

Search and Respond to Comments

Word clouds and comment search allows you to spot important feedback trends and respond directly employees’ kudos or concerns. Survale makes it easy to glean important ideas out of unstructured comment data.

Deliver Multiple, Ongoing Employee Engagement Campaigns

Employee Engagement
Survale comes pre-loaded with compete employee engagement surveys, or build your own
Employer Brand
Get employee feedback on the key employee benefits and cultural aspects that define your Employer Value Proposition.
HR Service Delivery
Measure employee reaction to benefits, onboarding, employee evaluations, training and more.
Quick Pulse Feedback
Set up daily, weekly or monthly "quick pulse" surveys for general employee well-being or specific topics.
Application Feedback
Embed Surveys in employee portals, talent management software, self service tools and more.*
Quality of Hire
Automatically gather quality of hire and manager satisfaction data for continuous analysis and improvement of your hiring processes and decisions.
*Requires compatibility with 3rd party vendors' tools.